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Outfit Post: Mexican Fiesta

Summer Outfit Post
I’m so excited to be working with Stylefruits on their new campaign! With summer coming up, inevitably we’re bombarded with ‘Summer body’ marketing by fashion stores, healthy eating brands and gyms… it can be a pretty rubbish time of year if you’re a little insecure with the way you look, like most of us are. Stylefruits are bringing back the way we should dress – get the clothes to fit the body instead of changing the body to fit the clothes.

If you head over to Stylefruits today you can find your pal, Onetenzeroseven, giving a little bit of advice for how to dress an hourglass shape and I’ve thrown a some advice in there for fashion in general too. I’m a firm believer that to get a beach ready body all you need to do is take your body to the beach!

Mexican Fiesta

Cactus Fashion and accessories

Cactus Skirt

I wore this outfit to a workshop for small businesses a week or so back; it’s fun, comfortable and smart casual. Look at this skirt(!) it’s just the cutest thing ever and a great Mexican Fiesta style piece! I’m looking forward to ditching the tights and styling it for my late Summer holiday to Tenerife.

I’ll be sharing my top tips for small businesses from the work shop some time next month (how is it almost June?!) so watch out for those if you own an indie biz or are looking to start one. You can follow this blog on Bloglovin’ to make sure you don’t miss out on any updates.

Yorkshire Blogger, Kirkstall Abbey

Blue Boots, Outfit Post

Fun Outfit For Summer
Blue T-Shirt | M&S  //  Cactus Skirt | c/o Stylefruits  //  Denim Shirt | Zara Men
Navy Tights | M&S  //  Boots | Red or Dead  //  Necklace | Spanish boutique

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Recipe: Gourmet Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Toppings
Hey folks! Just a quick and super easy meal idea for you today: Gourmet Hot Dogs!

We got these giant hot dogs from Costco; you can cook them in a pan of hot water or even in the microwave.

Then we piled them high in a tasty finger roll, first topped with my mum’s homemade chilli (the best!), but you can pick up a tin of chilli from the supermarket that will do the same job, and then a drizzle of mustard.

On top of this we added some grated cheese and some homemade salsa made up of red onion, tomatoes and mint.

Chilli Dog Recipe

Homemade Salsa

These toppings are really easy to prepare and give the hotdogs a lovely fresh and crunchy taste to go with the meatiness and gooey cheese. An ideal topping idea for leftovers too! Our toppings were leftover from a fun family Mexican night we threw at Easter. A great, easy tea for busy folks :)

Loves x xx

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