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In The Sun

I got back from a late Summer break to Cyprus yesterday. I was unsure whether I was going to keep my blog updated while I was away and took all the necessary tools with me to post while I was out there, but in the end I opted for a full break… minus the odd Instagram post. I can’t believe how easily I switched off from everything… day job & onetenzeroseven included. And how much I needed it. Now I’m back I feel like I can do anything again, but it was looking ropey there for a while. I had lost my faith in almost everything. I’m making a lot of changes in my life now I’m back and I never, ever want to feel like that again.

I have lots of exciting things to post about… paragliding over the sea, fantastic restaurants, the best waterpark in Europe* and the apartment we stayed in, which is privately owned and available to rent! I also have a couple of outfit posts lined up and lots of brand new items for the onetenzeroseven shops now that Fall is calling :) I’m excited!!

What have you been up to as the Summer days have been falling away?

Loves x xx

*Personal opinion of course, don’t sue me.

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Matchy, matchy!

These geometric style earrings are a set from my new season collection, amongst various other button earrings you can see in my shop as well as brand new ones yet to be listed(!). I’m very excited to fill my shop up with all the brand new goodies I’ve been working on, but testing, photographing and listing all takes time. I don’t have much patience when it comes to these things ;) If you want a sneak peek, have a browse through my Instagram (username: onetenzeroseven).

Geometric Earrings by onetenzeroseven

Gadget Sleeve by Curious Miss Clay

I was just browsing through one of my favourite Etsy shops, Curious Miss Clay and I came across this gadget sleeve using the exact same fabric! I have one of Curious Miss Clay’s gadget sleeves for my iPad and it’s the best! Her work is so well made and beautifully presented and if you want a custom design she is super helpful!
How adorable would it be to match your earrings to your iPad sleeve? That’s a sophisticated look for this Autumn/Winter in the office :))

Do you love to co-ordinate your outfits from your underwear down to your shoes or do you prefer to clash and mismatch? I used to be a religious co-ordinater, but more recently I prefer to match in less usual ways with clashing patterns using the same colour palettes.

Loves x xx

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