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Words, Quotes, Lyrics; #2

Words, Quotes, Lyrics: Rainy Day by Young Hines Photography by onetenzeroseven

One of my favourite things to do is to watch the rain fall from my attic bedroom window on a gloomy Saturday afternoon. The sound it makes as it drums on our roof. It’s calming. This photograph was taken on one of those very afternoons.

Young Hines is a fantastic artist signed to Brendan Benson’s Readymade Records record label. I heard this song several months ago when he and Brendan first started working together. It has a beautiful, soft melody with such sad lyrics and I would listen to it over and over while I burned through my to do list. Last month on the last night of the Brendan Benson UK Tour, Young asked my friends and I if we had any requests. We’d been talking about how he hadn’t played Rainy Day and so we jumped at the chance to request it. It was beautiful and very apt for the evening with our old friends leaving again that night and taking their music with them. That moment has rocketed this song into being one of my favourite of all time. Thank you, Young :)

Listen, here:

Loves x xx

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Blue Blush

Blue Blush by blossomingsilver

So many treasuries that have been picked for the Etsy front page recently have been almost identical. Whether it being the ever growing geometric trend or items so pale they almost blur into one, it gets tiring seeing the same collections over and over.

Today I found that I was featured in this absolutely stunning treasury. Looking at it makes me feel clean and fresh and almost like I’m breathing in the crisp evening air. I wish more treasuries like this would be chosen for the front page honour.

Hope you find something pretty to buy from this collection!

Loves x xx

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