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Advertising on Onetenzeroseven:

I would be delighted to discuss working with your brand or company to share a product review or to write on a topic of your choice. Please be aware that I only accept advertising that is a good fit with my brand and readers. I pride myself on offering interesting, useful and sharable content. If you would like to work together but don’t know how, please get in touch and I am more than happy to make suggestions.

I offer original imagery, at least 300 words of copy per article, video content, social media coverage and a very natural writing style. Any images are free to be used across social media only, with a clear credit back to Onetenzeroseven.

All opinions will remain honest and my own and I do not offer a positive review in exchange for payment.

I do not work with gambling brands of any kind, including betting and bingo sites. I do not accept advertising from tobacco or e-cigarette companies. I do no accept pre-written content or guest posts at this time.

If a product has been sent free of charge or a post has been paid for, a disclaimer will be made in the body text of the content stating I have been asked to share the following details with my readers. Natural language will be used, in keeping with my normal writing style. If you would like to see an example disclaimer, please contact me for details.

Topics Covered:

Fashion & Style – Featuring outfit posts shot on location, producing beautiful lifestyle imagers. Emphasis on individual style, rather than disposable fashion. How to create an outfit that is unique to the reader instead of just following trends.

Home Life – Simple projects that anyone can feel confident carrying out, home renovations on a budget as well as fun ways to make a rental house feel like home. My rescue dog, Frank is a big part of my life so I share my advice on pet care.

Travel – My focus is on cities, local food recommendations and unusual places to see that your typical tourist might miss on their first visit. The alternative beach holiday. Fun travel videos and budget friendly trips.

Onetenzeroseven has been featured in a number of publications, you can read about some of them in the Press catergory.

Feel free to send me an email to discuss your ideas, the wackier the better!

Readership & Target Market:

My target audience is females aged 25-34 who are single or living with their partner and live a slightly unconventional lifestyle focussed on making their career, travel and home the most important aspect of their lives.

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