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Travel: Exploring Mount Teide, Tenerife

Exploring Mount Teide, Tenerife

As you fly into Tenerife you can see the incredible Mount Teide, towering above the clouds. You guys know I’m not a huge beachy holiday kinda gal, so hiring a car and heading up to see the volcano itself was definitely on the top of my list when we visited Tenerife last October.

The roads up to Teide are seriously windy, but unusually I didn’t get car sick. Maybe it was the excitement or maybe it was the sheer amount of views outside the car, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Forests, mountains, complete and utter nothing but rock. It was a roller coaster of scenery!

The Lower Station at Teide has a small car park with incredible views of the surrounding areas. It’s difficult to actually see Mount Teide from this point, but you can hop on the cable car to get up to The Upper Station located at 3,555 m altitude. Tickets are available from The Lower Station priced at €27, which at the time we felt was pretty pricey, but actually the whole experience was really worth the money. We headed up about 3pm and were greeted by a pretty small queue to get up in the cable car. It was October though, so it wasn’t peak season and it’s recommended to get there early to avoid disappointment.

You get about an hour to explore Mount Teide from The Upper Station, which is pretty much just a box with a couple of toilets and cable cars sailing in and out. The rest of station is out in the open air, with a rocky path around the volcano and incredible views out across the skies. Make sure you dress appropriately, take some layers and have some solid footwear. I just wore some cute trainer/pumps, but try to avoid flip flops which my brother found out the hard way! The air is pretty thin up there too, so you might feel a bit lightheaded. Just take it easy and don’t wander too far if you’re feeling sketchy, there are plenty of people around up there so there’s nothing to worry about.

You can hike up to the crater of Mount Teide from The Upper Station, which is Spain’s highest peak. You need to obtain a permit to do so, which is free of charge. All information on routes and permits is available from the Teide experience website.

Loves x xx

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On: Inspiration, Imposter Syndrome and Going Back to Basics

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My God, Flaked on Netflix is so beautifully shot it’s making me desperate to visit Venice Beach… or to just visit someplace new, I don’t even care anymore. I feel kind of uninspired by my surroundings right now, everywhere seems more inviting than my home and my city. I was browsing through Jaime London Boy’s Twitter tonight and his photographs of Savannah are gorgeous. Just to see something fresh, you know? I think I need that.

I feel like going on a little adventure, maybe getting the bus north-west of the city where I’ve never really explored. It’s so close to me now I really have no excuse. I’ll pack up my camera and my sketchbook and have a little afternoon out. Man, it’s so long since I got out my sketchbook!

“You experience this mental shift from being somebody who wants it, to being somebody who has it. And that is really tricky for your brain because, while you know that you are a fighter and that you are resilient, as soon as you get some kind of success, the self doubt creeps in and you don’t know if you can maintain it.” – Wise words from Lizzy Caplan in the latest Lula Magazine.

I definitely feel like I’m not putting the effort into my work right now, which in turn is making me feel even crappier. It’s almost like I feel undeserving of my job, that I’m not good enough to be designing and making products alongside such incredible designers. It’s such crap though, because I’ve built my business myself. I’ve got myself to this point. It’s funny how your mind can play tricks on you and make you feel inadequate, like an imposter.

Everything has been so intense these past few years that to finally feel the pressure lifting is not working for me! Hah! I need some more urgency, I need to feel challenged. I need to get out my sketchbook and get back to basics!

Loves x xx

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