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Diary of a Fashion Designer

During the past two or three weeks my handmade jewellery and my blog have become a little neglected as I have been rushed off my feet with my ‘day job’ as a sort-of fashion designer. I promise I’ll be back to my old self again once I managed to find some time to catch up on my sleep! Plus, I fell over during some mid week madness and I didn’t have the time to rest my ankle… I’m regretting that right about now. Ouchie.

Here’s a mini diary of a fashion designer in Instagrams:

Turning my scruffy sketches into technical drawings

Harris Tweed and Liberty Print.. made for each other.

The first fashion show at Driffield Show

A busy day in the office

It’s all worth it when a sample arrives that is more than you could ever hope for. I sleep now.

Loves x xx

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The Five ‘WOW’s

When I was a kid I would see my dad once a week on a Friday. He would pick me up in the car and during the journey he would always ask me the fateful question, “What are your top five ‘wows’?
As a 25 year old woman I can see he meant no harm and that he really just wanted to be caught up on the week he’d missed out seeing his daughter, however as an 8 year old girl with many issues it always upset me. As my ‘wow’s at the time were something like ‘Ronan Keating’ (Boyzone) etc I always got a decent amount of stick for the things I was into back then.
But as times change and we grow up (both myself and my dad!) I quite like the idea of the five ‘wow’s and next time I see my dad I’m going to ask him what his five ‘wow’s are ;) I’ll let you know how that pans out!!

Macaroon Coin Purse Tutorial

This ‘wow’ literally made me say “WOW” out loud. These little guys are so dainty and so exquisite, yet with my little patience and love/hate relationship with sewing I think it’s totally doable. The images are very helpful and informative and the steps are simple. I’m in love!

Grandma Pheeple by Rebecca’s Emporium

The lovely Rebecca of Rebecca’s Emporium posted this on her Facebook page the other day and I am in total awe!! It looks so much like my Grandma and I’m sure it’s the same with yours too! :DD

Three Mobile

A couple of weeks or so ago I finally faced the fact that I was desperate for a new phone. I found an excellent deal for O2 customers, but in the end found that the offer was only to new customers and they wouldn’t match the deal for existing customers (ugh!). TheArchdeacon found this really great contract with Three Mobile, but the more I researched and asked around the more confused I got. Three have a pretty bad rep for network availability and customer service, however I finally decided to take the plunge and so far I only have really awesome things to say. I’ve had to ring customer services a few times RE: delivery and number change but the advisors have been clear, helpful and polite and as for the network service, it’s only dropped inside WH Smith in the city centre and I don’t tend to hang out in there ;) A WOW goes to them, hope they keep it up!

Little Tokyo, Leeds

I’ve started craving for meals out this past week or so. TheArchdeacon and I never really had date night as we both like to stay in, put our jim-jams on and watch Psych a DVD. I think things are changing a little now, mostly because I seem to be less in debt and free to be able to treat myself to a dinner or two and not feel guilty. Well I’m still working on that last part ;) Little Tokyo is a wonderful restaurant down a backstreet in Leeds. From the outside it doesn’t look like much, but inside the decor is stunning, yet relaxing and the food is such a treat. Hello Tempura Avocado.

Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons, Old Believers

Words cannot express how gorgeous this album is, although I’m going to try writing my first album review soon. Listening to it is like having an old friend over. Final WOW goes to Cory :))

So come on, what are your top five wows this week?

Loves x xx

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