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Travel: Dreaming of a Day in Dubai

It’s no secret to you guys that I’m a total city girl. I’ve packed up and moved out of my house on the outskirts of Leeds city centre and I’m currently living in a little village on the edge of Leeds at my parents while I wait for our house purchase to go through. I’m so lucky to have a wonderful home to stay in, but I’m not going to lie… it’s tough being so far from the city!

So I’ve been daydreaming of city life this past week and when Travelbag asked me to share what I’d do if I had one day in Dubai, it sent me right down a hole of city wonder, researching fun things that big cities have to offer.

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I’m really intrigued by cities that have a completely different culture to the well known ones. As much as I love London and New York, let’s face it, they’re not traditional cities. Walking down a street or block, you’ll see more tourists and expats than locals. I’d love to wander the streets of somewhere with a huge local culture that’s so different to my own and a city in the Middle East fits the bill for that perfectly.

Unsurprisingly I love handmade goodies and independent brands so the first thing I’d do would be to drop by the Ripe food and craft market in the Time Square Centre. Then I’d go searching for some unusual pieces to decorate my home with, to remind me of my trip, at the Dubai Flea Market. I know Dubai is more known for it’s luxury shopping, but that’s really not my thing.

Skyview Bar, Dubai
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After a day’s shopping and exploring with my camera (a given!) I would begin my evening by wandering down to the Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest water fountain, to see it’s performance of water, light and music. Then I’d take up a seat at the incredible Skyview Bar to watch the sunset and see the cityscape turn to night and pop on it’s twinkling lights – my favourite view of any city is when it’s basked in darkness. I’d be a little concerned about the price of the fancy hotel bars in Dubai, but with a minimum spend of approximately £62 per person it’s almost doable for a special night out. And that view… got to be worth every penny.

What would you do for a day in Dubai? For more ideas, pop along to my Pinterest board.
Loves x xx

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The Five WOWs: Bohemian Bedroom Decor

Bohemian Style Bedroom

Rag Rug | Second Nature  //  Moroccan Style Mirror |
Home Accessories | H&M  //  Woven Baskets | Happy Piece  //  Embossed Sideboard | Debenhams

I think we’re pretty much settled on having a fun, wanderlust style, bohemian bedroom decor when we finally move into our house. We love the cosy and homely feel to it and I like the idea that if a couple of things are out of place it won’t be too obvious. This kind of easy living is definitely our thing.

We’re planning on layering up tonnes of these rag rugs, like this gorgeous, colourful one from Second Nature and the Moroccan touches will add a bit of style and sophistication. The shape of this mirror from is gorgeous.

My favourite piece is the sideboard from Debenhams, but I think it’s a little bit out of our budget. I’d love to try and DIY something similar, but I’m not sure my skills are up to scratch. I do have some more ideas for our decor in my Bohemian Pinterest board, below. I’ll be updating this a lot, so make sure you follow if Boho is your thing!

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Loves x xx

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