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Outfit Post: Adding Fun Laces To My Brogues

Mint Shirt Dress Outfit Post

This gorgeous wooden bridge over a river of flowers is tucked away behind the shopping centre near my house. Boyfriend took me on a little adventure to scout out some new locations for outfit posts, he’s just the best. There were a couple of cyclists and an old couple holding hands along our walk. I hope we get to grow really old and miserable together!

I wore this outfit out for dinner and to see David Cross do a stand up gig a few weeks ago. That dude is so bloody funny and smart, oh man. It was amazing to be in a room so full of acceptance, what with recent events, I felt like I’d found my people. If you ever get the chance, go and see his show. He’s a real passionate and emotional guy too.

Summer Outfit Post UK Blogger

UK Fashion Blogger Glasses Specsavers

Tan brogues with colourful laces

I bought a size 14 in this dress from Marks & Spencers (a half size up for me, being a 12/14) and it still feels a little snug on the old boobies so I recommend sizing up a little. The fabric is super soft, but it doesn’t half crease easily.

I don’t have any comfortable mint shoes (yet!) so I updated my old tan brogues with the laces from my mint heels from American Apparel. I love adding colour to my brogues with fun laces, I keep meaning to go on a shoe lace shopping spree! It’s getting a bit warm for this outfit now, but I already can’t wait to update it with a touch of Autumn. Loves x xx

Longline Shirt Dress Outfit Ideas

How to accessorise a shirt dress.

Shirt Dress | Marks & Spencers  //  Rope Belt | H&M (similar*)
Brogues | Office  // Earrings | Onetenzeroseven
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Staycations And A Holiday In The UK This Summer

Holiday in the UK - Cornwall Self Catering

Unfortunately, due to a number of things that have happened over the past 12 months, we’re not able to do any of the travelling we had planned for this year. However that doesn’t mean I’ll be staying home, no way! There are so many travel opportunities right on your doorstep with a holiday in the UK and I’ve been planning as much as possible for us to get away from home and see some of the world, even if that does mean staying in the country.

Holiday in the UK - Truro Cathedral, Cornwall

Holiday in the UK - Pet Friendly Cottages

Diane from Bimblebox asked me to share their cute info graphic with you guys and she has so many great reasons why a self catered cottage is great way to spend your holiday days this year and loads of them resonate with me personally:

// Saving money on a holiday in the UK will allow us to put aside a bit extra for next year to really go big on our travel plans. Our international travels may have fallen through this year, but they’re not gone for good. There’s always next time!

// Health wise, things have been up in the air recently and staying in the UK this Summer means we won’t have to worry about travel insurance or being too far from medication and hospitals.

// Because the Frank Monster is a rescue dog, we have a solid ‘no kennels’ rule so we have to work our travels around being able to get a dog-sitter. Hiring a pet-friendly cottage in the UK would not only mean we don’t have to worry about organising someone to look after him, but would also allow us to enjoy a holiday with him too instead of just weekend days out in the local park!

// The blissful peace and quiet of being completely alone is totally my thing. Travelling to an off-the-beaten-track cottage with a bunch of friends, plenty of wine and good food sounds like my dream holiday. If you’re organised enough, you won’t need to see another human being all week ;)

The UK has so many amazing places to discover such as Cornwall’s picturesque beaches or the wonderful nature & wildlife in Cumbria. I’ve spent a lot of time travelling up and down the country and there are so many awesome hidden gems, coffee shops, markets, boutiques and photo opportunities that are so close to home. There’s a whole bunch of places that I’m gutted to only have ever been to once, never mind all the wonders that I’m still yet to discover. I’m excited about spending this Summer exploring the UK!

If these are not good enough reasons for you to stay home and have a holiday in the UK, make sure you have a peek at Bimblebox’s info graphic below:

Why You Should Indulge With a Self-Catered Cottage Holiday

Where are you relaxing this Summer? Loves x xx

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