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Records, Friends & Coffee

Back to blogging after being struck down with the flu.
It’s no secret that I have a terrible immune system, but I haven’t been knocked down like this for a good few years!

Anyway, last Saturday was Record Store Day. I set my alarm for 4.45am and made it to Crash Records in Leeds by just around half past 5.

We had terrible McDonalds’ hot chocolate and I passed on the dirty breakfast options this year. I just can’t stand that McDonalds taste! Unfortunately nowhere else is open at that ungodly hour and FYI don’t get up before 5am when you’re coming down with the flu!

After we collected our records, Boyfriend my friend Jazzymin and I tried to join the back of the queues in both our independent record shops to purchase second copies for friends. The queues were crazy big this year, even an hour after opening times! My eyes were streaming and I was totally disorientated. Even the entire box of tissues in my bag did nothing to aid my illness so eventually I was dragged for amazing Burger King lunch (…breakfast?) and finally snuggled my pyjama-clad self on the sofa with my Chilli Cheese Bites and my new pretties.

Elbow was a bit of a disappointment! Over £7 for a one track 7″!

I bought Brendan Benson(!) – What Kind of World 7″, Karen Elson – Milk & Honey 7″, M Ward – Primitive Girl 7″ and She & Him – Volume One on coloured vinyl. It’s supposedly the album’s first time on vinyl in the UK, but as a mad crazy music fan, I already own the US import. However I couldn’t pass up coloured vinyl, it’s a beauuuutiful orange! One of these days I shall have to post about my gorgeous record collection :)

There are no photos of me due to illness and ‘hideous face’ issues! I’m hoping to be back making outfit posts soon and I’m working on a new installment for ‘An Etsy Tale’.

Until then I have Mum’s homemade lasagne and Boyfriend just got home so I’m going for cuddles!

Loves! x xx

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A Belated Easter

I spent the weekend just past with my family to celebrate a belated Easter. It was my (affectionately named) Big Bruv’s fault really, since he could only make it down this week and Boyfriend was visiting family and attending band practice so it wasn’t quite the full get together. Despite being 25 and 29 we still managed our traditional Easter Egg Hunt, although for the first time we failed to find all the eggs and even Ma couldn’t remember where she hid them ;) I was going to ask Ma to take some photos of us hunting, but she was busy cooking. Maybe next year?

Boots | New Look
Skirt | Upcycled Vintage by Pop Boutique
Lace Body (Barely Seen) | Topshop
T-shirt | Topshop
Cardigan | Topshop
Belt | H&M
Necklace | KicaBijoux

Photography by my Big Bruv

Outfit photos felt much easier this time around, thanks mostly to the large glass of wine I drank pre-shooting ;) I had fun with my Big Bruv, prancing around my mum’s garden and it was a lot more enclosed than the park near my house so I didn’t feel too… exposed.

Aren’t these flowers darling?

x xx

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