Making The Best of Tenerife and Beach Holidays

Making The Best Of Tenerife

I don’t like beach holidays. There I said it. Beaches are not my thing, sand gets into your pants no matter how hard you try, it’s dry and you’re always miles from a refreshing drink. I’m not a huge sunbather either, I find it hard to relax so I get really bored and I burn! However for the last six years I’ve been on a beach holiday every year and I’ve become a pro at seeing past the tourist traps and finding what beach holidays really have to offer.

Things To Do In Tenerife - Watersports

Making The Best Of Tenerife - Mountains

I was really surprised by how unusual Tenerife was, expecting a typical barren island with endless holiday resorts, but instead I was greeted by these incredible mountains as the backdrop to my week. As well as being a beautiful island (perfect if you’re into photography like me!), there are a whole bunch of must dos while visiting Tenerife.

Try something completely different with a trip to the capital of the Canary Islands, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, bursting with colourful buildings it really is an inspirational city to wander the streets of. I also absolutely love shopping in Europe because the clothes are just so much more me and a little bit different to back home.

Things to do in Tenerife: Santa Cruz De Tenerife

Things to do in Tenerife - Teide

It’s a long and winding drive up to Mount Teide, but more than worth it for the breathtaking view out across the whole island. We went up on a cloudy day, but the views were still completely incomprehensible. It was like being in a fairytale land!

First Choice asked me to tell you guys about their holidays to Tenerife and one of their recommendations is staying in Playa de la Arena for a quieter, modern resort with Mount Tiede as it’s backdrop. If you aren’t sure where to stay on this unusual and beautiful island, then it’s worth taking the advice of their holiday experts.

Making The Best Of Tenerife - La Gomera

I haven’t managed to get across there yet, but I would love to see La Gomera up close, especially after watching the sunset behind it every night. The tiny island houses a misty forest that sounds like a must see!

Of course, the ultimate reason to visit Tenerife has got to be Siam Park! Voted the no.1 waterpark in the world on TripAdvisor, it’s definitely the best one I’ve been to so far, by ten thousand miles!!

Things To Do In Tenerife - Eating Out

Making The Best Of Tenerife - Eating Out

Just like being back home in the UK, I definitely recommend you check out the best places to eat on places like Foursquare and TripAdvisor. I think there’s a tendency when you’re on holiday to just fall into the nearest place along the beachfront, but there are some real hidden gems just a short walk around that corner where the food is incredible. Favourites include Bombay Babu, La Nonna & Restaurant Sebastian. We also really enjoyed the bars in La Caleta for an early evening drink to watch the sunset.

Making The Best Of Tenerife - La Caleta

Making The Best Of Tenerife - Sunsets

The sunsets are, of course, the unsung heroes of Tenerife. Just check out those colours.
Loves x xx

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Scarborough in Winter & a Luxury Stay at Ox Pasture Hall

Country Retreat in Yorkshire

I might have mentioned, it’s been a hectic six months and what with Christmas being the busiest time of year for me by the time we got to January we were both exhausted. Late last year the guys at Ox Pasture Hall asked me if I would review their country house hotel in Scarborough. Our house is not a happy, relaxing environment right now so a trip away is just what we needed.

I thought Ox Pasture Hall was quite an obscure Scarborough Hotel choice for a seaside break that I never would have thought to combine with a bit of countryside, but the hotel was just a £7 taxi ride away and we managed to jump in one straight from the train station entrance to get the best of both worlds.

Romantic Break in North Yorkshire

Best Hotels in North Yorkshire

We were greeted with a very warm welcome and the guy at reception even suggested a time for us to have dinner so that our service wouldn’t be delayed by a party of 6 who had booked in. We were shown to our room, one of their luxury suites with a separate bedroom, living area and bathroom and left to relax for the afternoon.

Our room had a lovely view of the lake and gardens and even though it was raining, we decided to go for a little walk out. At one point we saw a guy watching us from his room… I reckon we looked a little insane, but I love the rain and I was really excited about the prospect of warming up in a hot bath afterwards. We don’t currently have a bath at home and Stu definitely didn’t realise a person could get so excited about a bath!

Best Restaurants in Scarborough

The hotel was very peaceful and as there was no wifi or phone signal in the rooms we were completely cut off from work, hurrah! I enjoyed one of my playlists in the bath and Boyfriend watched some football on the sofa. No sound travelled between the two rooms. Then I donned my lovely hotel robe and we snuggled up to watch a film.

We arrived at the bar a little early for our table so we grabbed a drink and were seated in one of the communal lounges to look over the menu. It was nice not to have to balance my menu over my cutlery for once!
I’m usually a hearty meal kind of girl, but the restaurant was lovely and there was just the right amount of food to enjoy all three courses. It’s SO hard to pick a favourite, but I think the lemon tart just pipped it – which says something as I’m a savoury fiend!

Best Food in Scarborough

Bed & Breakfast in Scarborough

After dinner we retired to the lounge don’t you know and had a few drinks by the fire. It felt like we were the only people in the whole hotel, with just the staff member popping in and out when we wanted drinks. It was so lovely to be left to ourselves, enjoying the space like it was our own grand farmhouse. Unfortunately the music in the bar was akin to some really bad hold music and would have been much more suited to something classical. I was also a little disappointed by the lack of local beers on offer, but they had my trusted Disaronno so… what’s a girl to do?

We woke up in our huge bed to a nicely darkened room, with the sound of some morning geese for company and with the curtains open there was a lovely view out of both windows from the bed. A hotel that serves up Yorkshire tea actually in the rooms is my kind of hotel. We really didn’t want to get up for breakfast. Of course I’m glad we did, the bacon was cooked to perfection (I like it crispy) and the eggs were nice and runny.

Best Hotels Yorkshire Coast

Checkout was 11am, which is always nice. I hate those places that kick you out at 10.30am when you’ve barely peeled your eyes open! Checkout was super quick and we were given some bottles of water for our onward journey. The receptionist called us a taxi while we waited in the lounge and then our stay was over!

Country hotel Yorkshire coast

I really wanted to see the colourful beach huts at the North Bay in Scarborough, but I’d only read about them online. The taxi driver was really helpful and knew exactly where they were. He even gave us a brief history and tour of Scarborough as we were passing through, pointing out the new water park that’s being built which I am seriously excited about. As he dropped us off at the North Bay, the taxi driver showed us his favourite places to get a coffee and we wondered off down the beach. I think the taxi was a little over £7 again.

Scarborough in Winter
North Yorkshire Weekend Break

Country House Hotel Scarborough

There was a weather warning for wind in Scarborough that day, but with our coats and scarves on we were plenty warm enough and it was so much fun to watch all the dogs running in and out of the sea on their morning walks. We were quite sheltered by a huge bank on the North Bay, but as it started to rain we hurried back to this super cute ice cream shack just off the beach which was open (and busy!) despite the odd time of year.

The walk round to the south bay was pretty dicey against the wind, so by the time we made it round we just had to nip into the pub on the front. The Golden Ball also just so happened to be a Sam Smith’s pub so I settled in for a rich cherry beer while our rattled brain cells settled back down to normal.

Visiting Scarborough in Winter

I wanted to explore the local independent shops of Scarborough, but they were sadly all closed. Sundays and Mondays seem to be off days for everyone in the town. We did manage to have a wander around a guitar shop and craft supplies shop though, so not too shabby. We obviously finished off our trip with a good plate of fish and chips at Mother Hubbard’s just down from the station. It looks pretty unsuspecting from the street, but upstairs the restaurant is huge with a fun tartan carpet. It was, of course, delicious with more Yorkshire Tea – I love you Scarborough!

Luxury hotels in Yorkshire

Best Hotels in Scarborough

The package that Ox Pasture Hall provided us was worth £275 according to current offers, with all food included. There are cheaper rooms available if you’re not planning to spend as much time there. If you’re looking for a luxury stay with exceptional service, I can’t fault this hotel and even with the weather we had a great winter break in Scarborough.

Loves x xx

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