DIY Keepsake Box

Memory Box DIY

When my childhood haunt, The Works got in touch and asked me if I’d like to play with some arty goodies from their awesome craft supplies section, I had the perfect idea for a DIY: My oldest friend has just had a baby and I thought it would be really sweet to make her a DIY keepsake box for little memories such as a lock of hair and the first tooth taken by the tooth fairy!

Storage Box c/o The Works
Acrylic Paint c/o The Works
Scrapbook Papers c/o The Works
Animal Stickers c/o The Works
Alphabet Beads
E6000 Glue
Screwdriver (optional)

Craft DIY
To start with a used a tiny screwdriver to remove the clasp at the front of the box so it would be easier to paint. It was super simple to remove and re-attach, just make sure you don’t lose any of the pieces! Once removed I painted the box one section at a time and let it dry. The paint dries quite quickly and sectioning it off allowed the box to dry without getting paint in all the wrong places.

Gifts for pregnant friends

Baby Memory Box

I painted the box brown to cover the red as I have a specific theme in mind: The jungle! My friend’s nursery has been painted with a gorgeous jungle themed mural by her Dad so I wanted to follow suit for this keepsake box. The Works had these adorable jungle animal stickers too and I picked out the baby’s name from a selection of wooden block beads I had in my stash. I thought they were a fun addition, like children’s building blocks!

Best Craft Glue

Storage Box Upcycle
I selected a fun green floral sheet from the scrapbook paper to represent the jungle leaves and cut it to size using measurements I took from the front of the box. I used E6000 to glue the paper straight onto the glass, laid it on top and gently pushed the edges under the box’s frame with a blunt pair of scissors.

Jungle Animal Stickers
The animals have peelable sticker backs, but I still added some glue for extra security. Make sure you decide on your design’s arrangement before you start gluing! When the animals were in place I glued on the wooden blocks at a slight jaunty angle as if they were placed by a child. Leave the glue to dry for 24 hours.

Homemade Gifts for Newborns

DIY Craft Storage Box

I’ve shown another idea for decorating your storage box above. For this one I opened the lid and removed the box and glass by undoing the prongs with pliers. Be gentle so you don’t break them!

I removed the glass and disposed of it safely, then I removed the ornaments from each section which was trickier than I expected; they’re glued on tight! I covered the glue residue with some scrapbook paper to match the box and pieced the lid back together so the sections are now accessible from the top.

I love this storage box because I can separate my jewellery supplies while I’m making stock instead of digging around for the tiny pieces!

The Works Craft Supplies
Which design do you like best? Will you be up-cycling a storage box as a thrifty gift for Christmas this year?

Loves x xx

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DIY: Candy Shop Necklace

DIY Candy Shop Necklace

Tiny Jar with a Cork Stopper
Hundreds & Thousands from the baking aisle
Eye Hook Screw
Scrapbook supplies to decorate

To make your own necklace:
2 large Jump Rings
2 small Jump Rings
Lobster clasp
Alternatively use a necklace you already have!

E6000 Glue
Jewellery Pliers

Jewellery DIY, Jewelry Tutorial
Necklace DIY, Necklace Tutorial

Step One
Remove the stopper from your jar and set aside. Lay down some paper because you’ll probably spill! Fill the jar up to the base of the neck with the Hundreds & Thousands or you can use small coloured beads instead if you prefer. I found it easier to pour them into my hand first instead of straight from the tube into the jar.

How To Make A Jar Necklace

Candy Sweet Shop Jewellery

Step Two
Take your cork stopper and hold in firmly between your fingers with the fattest end sticking out. Hold your eye hook screw with the sharp end pointed at the centre of the stopper – you may find it easier to hold the eye hook screw with a pair of jewellery pliers – and twist it into the cork like you’re opening a bottle of wine. Remember!! Righty-Tighty/Lefty-Loosey.

Tiny Jar Necklace DIY

Step Three
Paste some E6000 glue onto your spatula and paint it around the body of the cork (the sides, not the top or bottom!). Pop your stopper back inside the bottle and push down so it’s secure. If it’s designed properly it shouldn’t be possible to push it too far in.

Sweet Jar Necklace DIY

Step Four
Decorate the jar as you wish! I cut a strip from this sweet candy striped paper as I thought the scalloped edge would make a lovely touch. You could also use washi tape, fabric tape, ribbon, twine.. the only limit is your imagination ;) Glue this down using a scraping of E6000 for a long lasting design.

Candy Jar DIY

Old Fashioned Sweet Shop Necklace

Step Five
Leave the cork and the decor to dry for at least 24 hours.

Sweet Jar Jewellery Tutorial

Step Six
Make up a necklace chain or use one from an old necklace you already own and thread it through the eye hook. I used a jump ring to connect my eye hook to the chain. Hang it round yer’ neck and wear your design with a gleeful smile!

Pastel Spring Necklace DIY


Will you be making one? Do share your Onetenzeroseven makes with me! You can link me a picture in the comments, @ me on Twitter or tag me on Instagram :)
Loves x xx

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