Steam Rooms, Spa Treatments and 5 Other Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques

I’ve always struggled to relax, even on an evening I can’t sit and chill out in front of the TV… I always fidget and have to do something else at the same time like read a magazine or work on my laptop. Getting to sleep at night is the ultimate in difficulty for me so I often read on my phone until my eyes are so sore I can’t help but close them and doze off.

Discovering the magic of a steam room has been absolutely vital for my relaxation. There’s something about breathing in the steam and basking in the heat that just makes my muscles drop and clears my head, especially in a low-lit quiet room at a spa. I never thought I would be a steam room kind of person, but I highly recommend you try it just for 5 minutes, it might be one of the key relaxation techniques for you too.

Urban Retreat asked me to tell you guys about their Moroccan Spa at Harrods and looking up the treatments they offer there I was drawn in by the Hammam treatment, their take on a traditional Moroccan steam room where skin is steamed, scrubbed and massaged until it glows.

The Moroccan spa has sessions for women only, men only and mixed sex so you can feel at your most comfortable and focus on taking time out and self care.

Relaxation Techniques

If, like me, you struggle to relax here are 5 other relaxation techniques to try to add a little calm to your body and mind:

// Find a good book that will capture your whole attention, a real page turner. I recommend The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall
// Lay down in a quiet room (I often choose my bedroom) and make a playlist for some quiet time. I listen to Emiliana Torrini and She & Him.
// Run a hot bath and try out these amazing bath bombs and melts and bars that turn your bath water pink!
// Make a date with your besties and laugh until your sides hurt and your face aches. Laughter is the best medicine!
// Empty your head onto a piece of paper. You can write lists or more of a mind map to help clear your mind of all the things you’re worrying about. Sometimes just writing things down is all you need to feel lighter and more relaxed.

Do you struggle to relax too? If you’ve got any tips to add to my list please leave a comment or tell me on Twitter!
Loves x xx

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Beauty School: Spa & Relaxation

Lush Leeds Spa, Spa Treatment, Gift, Relaxation

I cannot stress enough how important relaxation is for beauty, skin and health care. I find relaxing one of the most difficult states to achieve… my shoulders are always tense, no matter what. Whether I’m at work, having a fun day out or sitting home having some me-time I am always tense.

I’ve tried spas before to help me, but I have never felt so tense in a situation where my main goal was relaxation. Clinical, white rooms, undressing in such an awkward hurry my heart races, being essentially told off for the state of my skin and feeling like a disobedient child for how I take care of it, like I was being judged… these are not my ideas of a good time.

However in my experience it’s amazing what stresses are obvious to people through your skin. My spa therapist knew I was stressed and having too many late nights, just by taking off my make up. Has anyone ever told you, “You look tired?” Your tense body is telling tales on you!

Lush Leeds Spa, Spa Treatment, Gift, Relaxation

When Lush Leeds Spa invited me to try out a mini spa treatment (c/o Lush) to celebrate their 4th birthday I was (understandably!) apprehensive. I went along, though, as part of my ‘exercise in confidence’ personal goals (where I am trying to say yes more).

I was lead down to the Spa that sits in the basement of Lush Leeds where I was greeted by an enthusiastic lady who asked about my day and invited me to sit with her at the kitchen table. I was poured a glass of freshly infused water as I looked around the dimly lit farmhouse style kitchen I was sitting in. We chatted about how our days had gone and she talked me through the products she’d be using for the mini treatment and I even got to smell and experience them beforehand so I wouldn’t be surprised and could focus on relaxing. By the time I went through to the treatment room it was like we were great friends.

The Synaesthesia Treatment
The Synaesthesia Treatment

The treatment was a facial massage with Full of Grace massage bar, Whoosh temple balm and hot and cold stones. Despite feeling awkward getting under the blanket and on the bed, I felt myself relax more and more as I was lulled by the sea shanty music and the beautiful concoction of smells. The cold stones felt amazingly unusual against my skin and the contrast of the then hot stones was soothing and comforting. I was then given a little fine tuning from the Sound Bath where gentle, calming notes are laid against your ears and chest with the aid of a tuning fork.

When the lady kneeled beside me and whispered she was done, I felt like I was woken up despite not have fallen asleep and been fully aware the whole time. She told me to take as long as I liked to relax and she’d meet me back in the kitchen.

Lush Leeds Spa, Spa Treatment, Gift, Relaxation

Greeting me back at the kitchen table was a chocolate & biscuit cake, rose water – complete with a beautiful cocktail glass with some fun looking white fluff inside – and an adorable looking glass vial containing a roll of paper. The rose water was poured into my glass making a delightful fizz as it mixed with the fluff. I was then left to enjoy my goodies and I must say, I felt like bloody royalty! I had so much fun reading the beautiful note on the scroll and picking at my cake. I lifted the delicate glass and took a sip and good Lord what a unexpected joy was in that glass! It was like drinking a beautifully flowering rose, oozing a delicious nectar.

After I had a poke through the beautiful messages in the guestbook and wandered around the homely kitchen I was led back upstairs. I felt woozy and giddy and like I was floating on air. On the street it had been pouring with rain and I felt like I’d been in my own little bubble away from the drab afternoon outside.

Lush Leeds Spa, Spa Treatment, Gift, RelaxationThe Spell Treatment

I was introduced to the other treatments by beautiful displays (and staff members!) on the shop floor. One in particular that stood out to me was The Spell. Not your average foot treatment, this works on your worries and anxieties to make them literally disappear in a puff of smoke – sounds too good to be true, eh? I was also intrigued by the Synaesthesia where you receive a specially brewed cup of tea to match your chosen treatment. How adorable? All the treatments sound so fun and each have their own special details and delights. Something that I keep coming back to time and time again with Lush is that they think of everything; Nothing is mundane and they transform even the simple things into a beautiful experience all round.

Lush Leeds Spa, Spa Treatment, Gift, Relaxation

Before I was invited to spend Lush Leeds’ 4th spa birthday with them I was pretty meh about the whole idea of them having a spa, but they have completely turned me around on spas; teaching me that they don’t have to be cold and clinical and it’s actually incredible what wonders lay in the basement of that little retail shop on a busy street in Leeds City Centre.

Loves x xx

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