Home Office Design Inspiration For My Handmade Business

Home Office Design Inspiration for your handmade business. A good working office needs...

I was out in my garage yesterday, using the laser cutter in the makeshift workshop I have set up, dreaming about my new home office design that we’re planning to build into a new extension. It will be a couple of years before we’re able to afford such a big renovation, but it’s never too early to gather inspiration, am I right?

Office Principles were chatting to me recently and they asked me to share my best tips on home office design with you guys, so here are the main things I’ll be considering when I finally move out of my bedroom office into a custom built space:

// Although I work alone now, I want to make sure there’s enough space for an additional person to work with me if I am able to employ an assistant or if I just fancy co-working with another self employed pal one day. I wouldn’t want the space to take up too much room so I would be looking at stackable seating and expandable desk space. I loved the workspace area from this open concept tiny house that Ana White created.

Office furniture with a pop of colour

// The room I work in now is amazing as it’s so much larger than any space I’ve been able to use before. However the more you get, the more you want and I’m already frustrated by the lack of wall space in my current office. I believe a workspace should be inspiring and motivating and I’d love to have more space to hang my travel photos and fun motivational quotes to get me through the working day.

// I’m lucky to have tonnes and tonnes of natural light already in my current workspace, so this is something I definitely need to carry over into the new space. As a designer it’s so important to have natural light so you can get an accurate representation of what something actually looks like – plus being able to see nature outside your window is a huge boost for your mood.

// I really want a space that is pretty, but also practical so as well as wall space, I would be looking to have areas set aside for my workshop (dirty things!) photography area (super clean things!) and stock storage. At the moment my office is very impractical as there isn’t enough room for everything to have it’s own place. Everywhere is storage at the moment so there is very little actual workspace to utilise!

creative workspaces

// My current space is decorated in my brand’s colours which not only makes it so much easier for me to stay on brand with my photographs and behind the scenes peeks, but also looks more professional and cohesive to any outside person coming in. It also helps that I love these fun colours and it makes me feel focussed to be surrounded by the brand I’ve worked so hard to build.

Office Principles also have some great insight on what makes a good office space and they also asked me to tell you folks that they offer an office refurbishment service so they can do all the work for you while you concentrate on business!

If you want some more ideas and inspiration for your home office, have a peek through my Pinterest board below!

Loves x xx

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Indie Biz: Starting and Running a Business From Home

Starting and running a business from home

We’re coming up to the biggest season of the year for indie designers and hand makers with Christmas approaching so I’m using what’s left of the quieter weeks to prepare my space at home to be the best possible working environment. It can be really difficult working from home, with so many distractions and real life spilling into your work and vice versa, but there are a lot of benefits to running a business from home too. Flogas, the energy supplier, asked me to share my top tips and advice with you and these apply whether you’re just starting out or have been running a good few years like me. We recently bought a new house so I had to revisit all the important things I need in business premises all over again.

// Having a dedicated space for your business is my number one must have for running a business from home. I’m not saying you need a flashy office with all the mod cons, but you do need at least an area where you can keep all your work. It’s nigh on impossible to be able to concentrate with your laptop in the living room or to be able to relax with your papers cluttering up the place. If you can only spare enough space for a desk, that’s a good place to start, but being able to shut the door to my office at the end of the day has been the best thing for my business and well being so far.

// Working alone all day can be really lonely and difficult so get some interaction and company from wherever you can. It’s nice to pop out to a coffee shop or hot desk at your local co-working space, but you could also head over to a friend’s and co-work from there. I really enjoying working with my brother every now and then, just sitting side by side on your laptops can be really refreshing compared to working alone. If all else fails, I love to start a new TV series while I’m working and the characters on the show become my ‘colleagues’ for the day. I know it sounds sad, but you feel a little less isolated.

Be Awesome or Don't Bother // Small Business Quotes // Motivational Quotes


// Social media is so important for any growing business, especially if you have a limited marketing budget, but it’s also amazing to connect with other people who do what you do. If it wasn’t for some of the friends I’ve made on Twitter and Facebook I’m not sure I’d still be running my business today. Put yourself out there and be excited about what other people are doing and you’ll find your people, even if you don’t actually work with anyone in the office.

// Make sure your fridge is well stocked. I had this crazy idea that when I worked from home I’d be able to cook amazing lunches every day and eat super healthy, but of course I am still as busy (if not more so) as when I worked in an office so I really only have time to grab something quick. There’s nothing worse than getting to lunchtime and having to go out and do the weekly shop, so be prepared!

// Keep your space clean and warm. One of the benefits of running a business from home is mains gas, which is something you totally take for granted, but when I worked in an office it was always freezing and it’s so hard to concentrate when you’re cold. We would huddle around the heaters and oil radiators at my old job whenever there was a spare moment, but it’s so nice to sit at home in a t-shirt and jeans instead of 17 layers and just set my mind to work with no distractions.

// Get up, get showered, get dressed. It is oh so tempting to work in your pyjamas or even take your laptop to bed, but on the days when I get myself dressed smartly, do my hair and (oddly!) put on shoes before I sit down to work my productivity levels go through the roof. It’s all in your mind, so if you feel like a useless blob, you’ll start to believe you are one and if you feel bad-ass you’ll act bas-ass!

Feeling like starting a business? It’s the best thing I ever did! Read more advice for becoming self-employed.

Loves x xx

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