Words, Quotes, Lyrics: #7

Free Graphics, Free Headers, Free Blog Header, Free Artwork, Free BannerLyrics from Poison Cup, by M. Ward

In the past couple of weeks and I’ve been up against a lot of doubts for my decisions. The simple answer to these doubts has been, because I want it all.

I don’t want to settle, I don’t want to accept what I’m handed; I want to create my perfect world. I want to see the world as I think it should be, not how it is. I want to have my dreams sitting there in my hands and there is no good reason why I can’t. I get told I won’t have enough money, but who defines what is enough? I get told I can’t change the world, but who says so?

I was brought up never to ‘want’, it wasn’t polite. I had to “would like” everything. Now I’m an adult I believe there are some things you need to want, some things you need to desire so desperately that you won’t stop until they’re yours. It may sound selfish to you, but I’m not asking for someone to gift it to me. I’m not ungrateful. I want to work hard for everything I gain so why can’t I have it all? M. Ward has it down, “A sip or a spoonful won’t do. No, I want it all.”

And I’m here to tell you, it’s OK for you to want it too.

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Loves x xx

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Words, Quotes, Lyrics: #4

Colour Quotes, Death Cab For CutieWisdom from Death Cab For Cutie – ‘A Lack Of Color’

I’ve found it incredible how much happier I have been for forcing myself to be a ‘Yes Man’ these past few weeks. I mean I genuinely used to think it would make me unhappy to make plans instead of sitting at home, holed up in my room. I think depression is the devil on your shoulder, misleading you down a dark path and you can’t even tell that you’re going the wrong way.

The lyrics to this song by Death Cab For Cutie have two meanings to me: One, that I feel like I have really let people down by locking myself away, but mostly that I’ve let myself down missing out on so many things. And two, that even when you feel at rock bottom, the whole world is out there – waiting for you.

Walking home from photography class last night I realised… I’ve been feeling great recently. Full, like my life is bursting at the seams. And boy do I recommend it!

Loves x xx

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