30 Before 30, With A Twist – A Backwards Bucket List

30 before 30, Turning 30 Bucket List Ideas

I’ve been meaning to write 30 things I want to do before 30 blog post for a long time, but I never got around to it so I decided instead to put a spin on the classic 30 before 30 blog post and write a 30 things I achieved before turning 30 instead. I’m all for personal growth and goal setting, but sometimes I think we put too much pressure on ourselves and set impossible goals that are only setting us up to fail – and feeling like a failure is not fun! If you look back over the years you have achieved so much already, so I challenge you to write your own 30 before 30 backwards bucket list today – how old are you? Write yourself a list of *insert age* things I achieved before turning *insert age*. Here’s mine for inspiration:

  1. Fall in love. A lot of times with the wrong guy, but eventually with the right one.
  2. Buy my own house. I never thought I would do this one before 30. Or even before 40.
  3. Own my own dog from the rescue centre, our crazy Frank Monster.
  4. Start my own business, make a profit in the first year and make it my full time job!
  5. Visit New York three times and fall in love with it a little more each trip.
  6. Attend my best friend’s wedding, as maid of honour.
  7. Meet strangers from the internet who become my best friends.
  8. Go to a music festival abroad. Rock Werchter was the coolest!
  9. Buy my own laser cutter.
  10. Become team captain of Etsy Team Leeds, our local band of Etsy sellers!
  11. Organise a craft fair and a hugely successful one at that. We got 7,000 shoppers at our recent Etsy Made Local.
  12. Travel to Europe alone. First I travelled to London alone, then I flew to Cornwall and then I made it all the way to Paris.
  13. Tile a floor. Oh my gawd tiling is hard work!!
  14. Get promoted… in every job I’ve had, even my first job as a waitress in a tiny garden centre coffee shop!
  15. Work at a super fashionable high street store, with super fashionable people and win Best Dressed of the month!
  16. Become friends with my favourite musician.
  17. Get an official photo pass for a The Shins gig and take photos with my DSLR.
  18. Go to art college.
  19. Be handpicked at my retail job to go and set up a brand new store in a different city.
  20. Sing live at the Royal Albert Hall, I’m not freaking kidding!
  21. Be on the local news.
  22. Get invited to sell my products on
  23. Sell my products to a number of wholesale customers, including Sheffield Museum.
  24. Be featured on Buzzfeed and sell a bazillion teacup earrings!
  25. Get invited to Paris by Doncaster Airport and whizz through the streets on a Segway.
  26. Get invited to Paris by Etsy to their European Captain Summit and be treated to dinner on the River Seine!
  27. Finally develop a good relationship with my Dad.
  28. Play the main character in a school assembly (it was Ann Robinson in our version of The Weakest Link. Hahaha!)
  29. Battle mental health issues and some days actually win!
  30. Be happy with where I’ve ended up, despite a few fuck ups on the way ;)


The thing about these achievements is there is no way in hell I would have set most of these as goals as some of them are seemingly unobtainable, but hell, I achieved them anyway! Sometimes you surprise yourself, huh?

Tell me 5 things you’ve achieved in the comments, as big and mighty or small and precious as you want! I’d love you to link me to your own 30 before 30 backwards bucket lists on Twitter and I’ll share them!

Loves x xx

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5 Awesome Things I Love About London

Things I Love About London

In a couple of days I’m heading to London. I used to be quite the regular, popping down on the train every month or so, but it’s been an absolute age since I’ve seen the city lights properly. In fact I think it’s been years since I explored properly instead of diving in for a gig and heading home straight afterwards. We have some plans carved in stone, but mostly I’m looking forward to the simple things I love about London.

// Being in a city of dreams. I have always, always felt the pull of a big city and London is one of those places that makes you feel like you can do anything. It’s not quite up there with the levels of New York for inspiration, but it’s pretty close. The street art, bustling people, honking cars and towering office blocks, the smell of the smoke… I don’t know what it is, but it makes me feel like I’m breathing in fresh city air. As stupid as that sounds!

// Getting around is quick and easy. You can just walk everywhere… and if not it’s just a few tube stops away. I know the underground isn’t the most reliable method of transport for Londoners, but when you live up north with no car, it feels like a blessing to be able to hop on the tube and never even have to look at a bus.

// No one cares. No one cares what you’re wearing, if you’re filming something or taking outfit photos on the street. They’ve seen it all in a city full of tourists and they’re busy with their own lives. For such an insanely busy place, you can be almost invisible.

// It’s stuffed full of culture. Being one of the most diverse cities in the world, you always have the opportunity to experience something new whether it’s music, fashion, food or art. There’s always a market, a craft fair or an exhibition on.

// At night, the city comes to life. Taking a walk along the Golden Jubilee Bridge after dark and taking in the incredible city lights is definitely one of my favourite things I love about London… and one of my absolute most favourite things to do, period. I can’t resist a city skyline, especially at night with everything light up in incredible colours.

What’s your favourite thing about London? Loves x xx

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