Outfit Post: Burgundy & Blueberry

Ladies Lumberjack Shirt

I’m crazy about this Autumn; All my knitwear is freshly laundered and for the first time smells gorgeously cruelty free as we’re embarking on replacing all our household products with lovely brands that are against animal testing! If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments.

I’m totally into these delicious berry shades this year and this shirt from Dorothy Perkins perfectly encapsulates those colours. I bought some shoes at the weekend that I’m excited to match with it so I’m sure I’ll be showing you another way to wear a lumberjack shirt this Fall. The Minnetonkas never fail, though!

Minnetonka UK

How To Layer For Autumn

The shirt is 2-3 sizes bigger than I’d normally go (it’s a UK 18) for two reasons. One: It was the last one in the store, haha! Two: because I really wanted this loose, slouchy fit. I’ve stopped caring about size labels because nowhere can guarantee the same fit. I often take two or three sizes into the fitting rooms so I can pick out what suits my shape as well as my size. If in doubt, I go big. I love loose tops with skinny jeans and I can always pull them in with a belt over leggings or tights. I have such a variety in my wardrobe now that it just doesn’t bother me if I have to size up anymore. I apply the same rule to band shirts, I get the biggest they have and chop it down to my own specifications.

Autumn Style

Burgundy & Blueberry Outfit

Yorkshire Fashion Blogger

I’ve had a bit of a rough summer, but I’m so excited for all things now the weather has turned: From fashion to my business to my blog. You’ll start to notice things changing around here over the next few months as I develop more of a focus, but there’ll be more on that later. Please do let me know if you have a favourite feature that you don’t want to disappear, though! You can get me on Twitter if you’d prefer not to comment.

Casual Outfit Of The Day

Shirt | Dorothy Perkins  //  Jeans | Dorothy Perkins  //  Cardigan | Topshop
Minnetonkas | c/o Surfdome  //  Earrings | Onetenzeroseven

Loves x xx

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SEVEN: Reasons To Look Forward To Autumn

Reasons To Look Forward To Autumn

While most people are mourning the abrupt end to Summer, I’m counting down those last sunshine-y days until my beloved Autumn arrives. It seems bizarre when Summer provides ice lollies and water parks, but Autumn makes me feel like a child! Here are my top seven reasons to look forward to Autumn:

1 // Crisp, fresh air. Some like the smell of freshly cut grass – Me? I love how that freezing cold air smell really grabs at my lungs. Plus no matter how old you get, seeing your own breath never fails to amuse!

2 // Hot chocolate. When you’re curled up in a blanket with only your lips uncovered, sipping a creamy mug of heaven and watching your breath pierce the air… it tastes like a whole different beast.

3 // Crunchy leaves. Walking through the park, hearing the leaves crunching beneath your feet and then running into a giant mass of them gathered under a tree.

4 // Autumn colours. The gorgeous golden browns of Autumn are so much easier on the eye that the cornea-burning blue skies and acid greens of Summer. Haha, is this one just me?

5 // Thick, flannel pyjamas. Hell, being able to wear any pyjamas at all. Why are winter ones always so much cuter than the ones made for Summer? I’m 27 damnit and I want to go to bed wearing skating penguins emblazoned on my body!

6 // Keeping the doors and windows closed. NO. MORE. FLIES. Enough said.

7 // Layers. In fact, this one should just be all seven reasons. I love layers because they’re cosy and snuggly, but I also love them because they provide endless opportunity for matching up outfits, creating amazing colour combinations & pattern clashes. They allow me to really think about my outfit instead of having to find the thinnest, single item to wear for the next 30 days in a row. Most importantly, they allow me to wear more of my favourite things at once.

What are your favourite things about Autumn? Loves x xx

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