Easy Mid-Week Living: Old El Paso Recipe Kits

Old El Paso Taco Review

The lovely folks at Old El Paso sent us a little box of goodies to try out and see if it made our busy lives a little bit easier. We’ve been having a bit of a tough time of it recently, a few struggles with our house purchase on top of usual weekly stresses has left us little time for cooking and planning recipes so we were really thankful to grab one of the Soft Taco Kits one evening and throw a delicious dinner together with minimal effort.

Easy Mid Week Meals

Easy Cook Mexican

The kit includes 8 soft tacos (which I’d never tried before and would probably still rather use a tortilla wrap instead) a cooking sauce and this Cool Herb Topping Mix pictured above. I’ve never been a huge fan of sour cream but actually when you add the mix it’s super tasty. I’m kind of gutted you can’t buy this separately.

As the packs were all very mild we were concerned there wouldn’t be much taste, so we added an additional taco seasoning mix to the onion, chicken and sauce from the soft taco kit. The result was a very rich, very tasty sauce so it probably wasn’t necessary… but I still recommend it. Yum!

Old El Paso Kit Review

Once the chicken was cooked we spooned some mix into each soft taco. There wasn’t too much to go around, but once we added all your typical goodies: avocado, guacamole, jalapenos, peppers, salsa, sour cream, cheese – they were full to bursting! They actually recommend on the pack not to over fill them too, because the filling does squirt out when you bite into them.

I love food like this that you can build yourself; it works great for fussy eaters, families and just those that like to play with their food like me! Old El Paso has always been one of my favourite cooking brands and with their new kits (there are tonnes!) they remain to be the best home cooking Mexican brand, in my opinion. I love their refried beans and I’ve got a tin of their black beans in the cupboard for my next culinary adventure as well as some left overs from my lovely care package. Thanks Old El Paso!

Best Mexican RecipeSoft Taco Recipe

You can find Old El Paso at most supermarkets and they have a great website with recipe ideas too!

Loves x xx

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Recipe: Gourmet Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Toppings
Hey folks! Just a quick and super easy meal idea for you today: Gourmet Hot Dogs!

We got these giant hot dogs from Costco; you can cook them in a pan of hot water or even in the microwave.

Then we piled them high in a tasty finger roll, first topped with my mum’s homemade chilli (the best!), but you can pick up a tin of chilli from the supermarket that will do the same job, and then a drizzle of mustard.

On top of this we added some grated cheese and some homemade salsa made up of red onion, tomatoes and mint.

Chilli Dog Recipe

Homemade Salsa

These toppings are really easy to prepare and give the hotdogs a lovely fresh and crunchy taste to go with the meatiness and gooey cheese. An ideal topping idea for leftovers too! Our toppings were leftover from a fun family Mexican night we threw at Easter. A great, easy tea for busy folks :)

Loves x xx

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