Scrapbooking & A3 Prints w/ Epson Expression Photo XP-960 Printer

Epson Expression Photo XP-960

Oh I take waaaay too many photos that I never do anything with, so I am determined to finally get them out of the depths of their memory cards and dig them up from my hard drives and actually make a feature of them in my house as we get closer to decorating. You know what it’s like though, so many plans you never actually get round to, so I’m really thankful that Epson asked me if they could send me a Epson Expression Photo XP-960 Printer to try. How did you know, Epson?!

I already have an A3 office printer for my business which is a huge beast, so I was really surprised that the Epson XP-960 is quite compact for an A3 printer – it actually fits neatly on a shelf and all it’s extremities tuck away when it’s not being used.
It’s really easy to set up, especially with Mac as you don’t need to use the installation disc, you just download the driver from the Epson website. They also have an app for your smartphone which connects up over the same wifi connection your printer is set up on.

Epson Expression Photo XP-960 Review iPhone App

Epson Expression Photo XP-960 Review

I want to use the printer for large prints to decorate my walls at home and also for making small prints and printing my Instagrams for scrapbooking. If you’re printing one photo, the Epson iPrint app is super easy. Just a quick click opens your photo library and another to select the paper size.

A3 paper is actually fed in one sheet at a time from the paper feed at the back of the printer. Flip out the cover and extend the paper feeder, but wait until you’re prompted on the LCD screen before you put the paper in. Load the paper print side up.

I used Epson Photo Paper Glossy and chose the ‘best’ setting for my print. You can select from a huge range of different papers so the printer knows how to best align with the product.

I used a photo I took on my DSLR that I had uploaded to Google Drive so I could access it on my phone. The print quality is absolutely excellent, I was seriously impressed for such a large print and it’s definitely good enough to frame and hang on the wall or give as a gift.

Best Printer for Photos

Scrapbooking wise I wanted to print multiple photos onto the same sheet so I could trim them down to go in my scrapbook. I found it frustrating that the iPrint app doesn’t let you do this, but there is an Epson Creative Print app that you can download to make a collage and you can even connect it directly to your Instagram account. That’s what I’m talking about Epson! Nice work.

Again the print quality is excellent for scrapbooking! Here are my top five tips for creating an awesome scrapbook using your photos:

// Use a guillotine to trim down your photos – they’re a bit more expensive that scissors, but so quick and easy to use to cut your straight lines!

// Prepare your layout before you glue anything down! If you’re really unsure, try using blu – tack and setting out each page before you commit to using your photos and craft supplies on a specific page. You can even buy photo corners that your pictures just slip into.

// Leave space for little notes that remind you of the moment you took the photo. You can get great papers to write on and glue in alongside your photo or you could use washi tape that can be written on too.

// You don’t just have to use photos, you can use clippings, beer mats, receipts and anything you’ve collected on your travels in your scrapbook to really bring it to life.

// Try making a scrapbook for each holiday you go on and line them up on a shelf at home, or even make a scrapbook of your time together with your partner as an anniversary present or a gift for your bestie on their birthday.

Printer for Scrapbooking and Crafts

I think the Epson Expression Photo XP-960 Printer is a great choice for home photo printing and a great accessory for scrapbookers! You can currently get the printer on Amazon for £179.99 and there is also an A4 scanning function that I haven’t managed to try out yet.

Loves x xx

Epson XP-960 Review

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Easy DIY Chalkboard Wardrobe with Chalkboard Paint

Easy DIY Chalkboard Wardrobe with Chalkboard Paint

You will need:
Chalkboard paint (I use Wilko’s own)
A selection of paintbrushes (a thin one for edges and a chunky one for large spaces)
A clean, dry cloth
Sticks of chalk
Chalk pen (optional)

A few weeks ago I shared a peek into my workspace and today I have another part of my studio to show you. The room is an odd shape, with a built in wardrobe almost splitting the space in half. The plan is to remove the wardrobe eventually, but as a quick fix for now Boyfriend suggested I painted the side of the wardrobe to create a chalkboard to do list as I’m always complaining I have a million things in my head! It was really easy to do and apart from the drying time, it was super quick.

Easy DIY Chalkboard Wardrobe with Chalkboard Paint

The surface was previously painted with a glossy paint, which we then painted over with a basic matt white emulsion before we decided to create the chalkboard. The glossy paint was hard to cover so I think it was a wise choice to add this layer. Sanding down the surface or using a primer could be a good alternative.

Apply two thick coats of chalkboard paint to your surface, leaving plenty of time for each coat to dry. As an impatient soul I tried to apply the second coat too soon and the paint just ended up moving around instead of layering on top so you really do need to let it dry.

Easy DIY Chalkboard Wardrobe with Chalkboard Paint

Easy DIY Chalkboard Wardrobe with Chalkboard Paint

Easy DIY Chalkboard Wardrobe with Chalkboard Paint

Once your coats of chalkboard paint are dry you need to apply a coat of chalk on top. Hold the stick of chalk flat against the surface and rub it all over, then take a dry cloth and rub the chalk to create a smooth, thin layer over the board giving it a lovely matt black look.

I created a title for my board using a chalkboard pen instead of a stick of chalk, just to give it a slightly neater, more permanent feel. The chalkboard pen will still come off with a damp cloth, but if I accidentally rub over the pen it should stay put. Then just fill up your list and go! Told you it was easy…

Easy DIY Chalkboard Wardrobe with Chalkboard Paint

Loves x xx

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