Recipe: Homemade Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

Perfect Sweet Potato Fries
Woo! I have finally perfected my sweet potato fry, so naturally I wanted to share them with you folks! This recipe serves 3 hungry people as a side dish.

Two large sweet potatoes

Potato peeler
Sharp knife

Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

Step One
Peel your sweet potatoes and slice them into thin fries. The thinner the fry, the more crispy the result and there’s nothing worse than a soggy fry!

Step Two
Rinse your fries to remove some of the starch.

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Step Three
Combine 3-4 tablespoons of cornflower with 150ml of water. This is only a guide, the more cornflour you use, the thicker the coating will be and the crispier the fry will turn out.

Step Four
In small batches, coat your fries with the cornflower mixture. It will be quite runny, so don’t worry!

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Step Five
Gently place the cornflour coated fries into the fryer basket. As you lower into the hot oil, give the basket a gentle shake from left to right. This will prevent your fries from sticking to the basket. Leave to cook for 2-3 minutes.

Step Six
Remove from the basket and set aside. Fries will stick to each other, but once slightly cooled you’ll be able to pull them apart easily. Once all your fries are coated and cooked, repeat steps four and five. If you’re cooking a meal and want all your items to be ready together, do not keep your fries warm in the oven – this will cause them to go soggy. Instead leave the second round of frying until just before your other dishes are ready.

Sweet Potato Fries Cooked In a Fryer
Step Seven
Enjoy with a nice garlic mayo. YUM. I don’t add salt or a spicy mix to my cornflour batter so once they’re cooked my guests can season them to their heart’s desire. They taste super good naked too!

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries
Loves x xx

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Recipe: California Roll Sandwich

California Roll Sandwich by Onetenzeroseven

Mummy Oneten and I dropped by Yo!Sushi the other day for some lunch and enjoyed a stack of plates almost as tall as I am! As much as I never want the stress of trying to make my own sushi, I would love a creative way to bring the gorgeous tastes into my daily routine… so begins a series of experiments ;) Inspired by the great California Roll – a kind of sushi roll containing crab meat or seafood sticks, avocado and mayonnaise – here is my California Roll sandwich filling!

Wasabi Mayo

5 Seafood sticks
1 Tablespoon of mayonnaise
Wasabi paste (to taste)
Half an avocado
Rocket salad
Fresh baguette

California Roll

Step One // Slice your seafood sticks into small chunks and then flake into a bowl or dish large enough to mix in.

Step Two // Add a small tablespoon of mayo and a squirt of wasabi paste to the bowl. Put as much wasabi in as you like, but start with less and taste as you go along. I added the amount pictured above for a moderate heat. Mix thoroughly.

Step Three // Spread into your baguette, wrap or pitta bread. Top with avocado and rocket salad. Enjoy!

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Loves x xx

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