Garden Inspiration and LED Hut Spotlight Review

LED Hut Spotlight

Spring has sprung and it’s time we started thinking about our garden landscaping and decor ready for the Summer months. I’ve wanted a fun, colourful outdoor space for as long as I can remember and it always bothered me that in our old rented house we just had concrete, concrete and more concrete outside. Now we have two whole gardens to play with and I’m excited to get to work!

It can be very dark on our street when you’re getting home later at night so when the LED Hut asked me if I wanted to try one of their outside lights I thought it was perfect timing! Our front garden is mostly neat and tidy with a small lawn and some shrubbery so adding an outside light is almost all the work we need to do on the space.

Mr Beams LED Spotlight

The Mr Beams LED spotlight from LED Hut is a lot bigger than I was expecting, with the light itself (minus the fixture) being about the size of a mug of tea.┬áIt really does beam out a lot of light too and works solely when it detects motion – there is no on or off switch.

Colour wise it is stated as brown, but it looks pretty much black to me – it’s quite subtle compared to the light that was installed outside by the previous owners of our house, so it looks so much nicer outside by the front door now than it used to!

It’s really easy to fix the light to the wall and comes with a set of wall plugs and screws for fitting. You need to drill three small holes in your outside wall to properly secure the light as it is quite heavy with the batteries inside.

Mr Beams LED Spotlight

I do think three chunky D batteries seems a tad excessive for the light, but I’m hoping they last a long time to make it worth it. I haven’t been using the light long enough to comment on battery usage unfortunately, but I will report back in a couple of weeks. I do like that the light doesn’t need to be wired into your electrical supply though, making it super easy to install.

The back garden is a bit of an insane jungle at the moment, so it will be a while before we’re ready to add lights and accessories out there, but here is my garden inspiration board from Pinterest to give you a little bit of an idea of the sort of look we’re going for.

I think the LED Hut spotlight its a great piece of equipment for such a low price and when our back garden is up to scratch and usable I think I’ll be getting another one for out there too!

Loves x xx

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Renovation Progress: Hallway & Stairs

Hallway Renovation

A couple of months ago I shared a peek of our new house. We’ve done a few small projects since we moved in while we’re saving up for something a bit more exciting. The first thing we did was give our bedroom and my office a coat of paint over the existing wallpaper (just as a quick fix so we could fully move into those rooms) so really the largest project we’ve tackled so far is the hallway.

As you can see in the photo above, it was pretty grim so we wanted to strip it as soon as possible. The wallpaper was a sort of marble pattern with sky blue and white, but over the years it had gone kind of yellow in patches… and it never matched that crazy patterned carpet. What on earth were they thinking?

Hallway Renovation

We used a basic wallpaper stripper from B&Q and what we came to refer to as a ‘posh wallpaper scraper‘ from Argos, haha. It was a bit pricier than a traditional scraper, but it is razor thin and sharp making it great for scraping off wallpaper and paint… just be careful not to gouge the walls too much like I did!

Stripping the walls was so much harder than I was expecting. I’ve done it before over the years, but a combination of badly plastered walls, textured wallpaper and layers of old paper hidden underneath took us two full days with an army of helpers. We also struggled with the sheer height of the ceiling on the staircase, so we were buddying up holding ladders and trying not to fall off.

Hallway Renovation

Hallway Renovation

We were naively hoping the walls would be in a good condition underneath, which we kind of lucked out on with some of them, but unfortunately the entire landing needs re-plastering. Argh, expense!

So now, finally, we have completely bare walls and ceilings in the hall, up the stairs and along the landing and our next project is pulling up the carpet. We’ve had a peek underneath and we have beautiful wooden stairs hiding under there so we’re excited to expose those bad boys, but aside from that we have no real plans for decor. What to do! I’ve collected together a few ideas over on Pinterest though, that’s the most fun part so far!

How did you decorate your staircase? Please share your pictures and links in the comments below, I really need some inspiration!
Loves x xx


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