Music Monday: A Playlist For International Women’s Day

A Playlist For International Women's Day

Celebrating the epic talent of musical women, here’s a playlist for International Women’s Day, ready made for you to set up on your favourite devices and inspire you to kick ass this week in honour of awesome women everywhere!

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and it’s also a significant date in our family. This is for my idol, my Nanny Peg. I’ll be raising many a cuppa to her tomorrow! Make sure the women in your life feel loved this week especially, as they are incredible creatures. Settle in with a cuppa and pop on the playlist and let’s dedicate some time to those women who have inspired us and nurtured us and may no longer be with us.

The tracklist is featured above, so if you don’t have Spotify try searching Youtube or iTunes. I hope there’s a good mix of big names and smaller indies in the mix and that each one of you manages to find something new to listen to. Do pop back and let me know your favourites!

Loves x xx

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Music Monday: A Halloween Playlist for All Hallow’s Eve

Halloween Playlist by Onetenzeroseven

Perfect for both parties and evenings in with a bowl of sweets, alike! Press play on All Hallow’s Eve, compiled by Onetenzeroseven, to transform yourself to a themed Halloween night, full of spooky tracks from big name bands, old favourites and hopefully a couple of new folks you haven’t heard of yet that will become your new favourite band!

Tracklist is featured above if you don’t have Spotify, hit up iTunes or Youtube and search for the artists and tracks.

This playlist has been lovingly created in order to tell a story so make sure you turn off shuffle, then settle in with a hot chocolate and some penny sweets while you wait for your neightbours to trick or treat you! Or throw on your dancing shoes and some cat ears and celebrate with a few drinks… responsibly, mind! Have fun!!

What are your favouriteĀ tracks to pop on a Halloween playlist?
Loves x xx

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