Recipe: Homemade Pizza Toppings

Homemade Pizza, Spicy Meat Feast, Jalapenos

In our house we absolutely love pizza. Takeaways are great, but expensive and you’re never quite sure exactly what you’re eating. We’ve started cooking up our own pizzas on our Jamie Oliver Pizza Stone (a gift from Boyfriend’s Dad!) and we’ve tried various bases from starting from scratch to using a garlic naan bread from the supermarket. All are super yum options, but today I want to talk about toppings and these are our go-to favourites for homemade pizza:

Homemade Pizza, Spicy Meat Feast, Jalapenos

Spicy Meat Feast // Tomato Puree base with Salami, Spicy Chorizo, Parma Ham, Jalapenos and Mozzarella

Homemade Pizza, BBQ Avocado Meat Feast

Homemade Pizza, BBQ Avocado Meat Feast

BBQ Avocado Meat Feast // Jerk BBQ sauce with Salami, Spicy Chorizo, Parma Ham, Avocado and Mozzarella

For the perfect pizza, heat your pizza stone at the highest heat, remove (and adjust the oven temp!) and then roll your dough out onto the stone. Spread on your tomato puree or BBQ sauce, top evenly with meat and then sprinkle on your jalapenos or avocado as you layer on the slices of mozzarella. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden, but make sure your pizza is cooked in the middle. Serve with a crisp summery cider!

What are your favourite toppings? Have you ever tried making your own pizza?
Loves x xx

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Recipe: Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Today I’m sharing Boyfriend’s amazing grilled cheese recipe!!

Here in the UK we don’t really have grilled cheese. I guess cheese on toast or a cheese toastie would be our closest alternative, but trust me, they are no where near in the same league! We had grilled cheese sandwiches when we visited New York a few years ago and they are one of the only things we loved that we’ve managed to recreate at home!

Crusty sliced bread or Farmhouse style loaf
Cheese (we used Double Gloucester)
Bacon (smoked)

Griddle pan
Grill pan (optional)
Cheese grater (optional)


– Cook your bacon. You can either grill it or cook it in the griddle pan. We like ours crispy for this recipe.

– Grate your cheese. You can slice it instead, but grated cheese melts quicker.

– Butter the outside of your bread.

– Pile your ingredients onto one piece of bread; bacon, cheese and then avocado.

– Place into the griddle pan on a medium heat and top with another slice of bread.

– After a few minutes, being sure not to burn the bread, carefully flip over your sandwich.

– When both sides are grilled to your taste and the cheese is melted, serve immediately with a nice mug of Yorkshire Tea.


A perfect, easy yet impressive looking snack to cook when entertaining a group of people for breakfast or lunch!

Loves x xx

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