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Cactus Jewellery For Plant Ladies: The New Collection is HERE!!

Cactus Jewellery, Plant Lady Jewellery, Cactus Necklace, Papel Picado Jewellery

My brand new collection of handmade jewellery has just launched today! I’ve been hinting about it for a while on social media, but I wanted to make sure everything was right before I launched the cactus jewellery collection and it took a little longer than I hoped, which is always the case, haha!!

Just before Christmas Stu took me on a surprise trip to Sicily for my 30th birthday – I had wanted to go to Sicily for so long, I literally banged on about it every time we saw limoncello or gelato or anything remotely Sicilian! During our trip we trekked along the coast to an amazing town built into the cliff edge at Taormina and there I found the most inspiration I had felt in a long, long time.

Cactus Necklace, Handmade Cactus Jewellery by Onetenzeroseven

Cactus Necklace, Handmade Cactus Jewellery by Onetenzeroseven

We spent hours wandering along the cobbled streets taking photos and awe-ing over the insane views out over the sea – I have never, even seen a sea so blue and scenery so green – it was breathtaking!

During our wanderings I came across this plant lady and thought she was completely amazing with her kooky hair, so when I got home I set about recreating her into a memory I could wear every day around my neck. It was the perfect way to learn how to use my brand new laser cutter, affectionately named Burke, who hangs out in my garage workshop.

Plant Lady, Cactus Plant Pot, Taormina, Sicily

Cactus Necklace, Handmade Cactus Jewellery by Onetenzeroseven

So here she is: part perspex, part plywood and hand painted with a few flowers in her cactus hair and some fabulous earrings of her own. I love her a little bit too much I think, haha!

Head over and check out the rest of the collection of cactus jewellery in my Etsy shop and please do let me know what you think!!

Loves x xx

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#WhereWeStarted – Five Years Ago I Started Making Jewellery

Onetenzeroseven Behind The Scenes Making Jewellery

It’s almost funny to stumble across the #WhereWeStarted hashtag on Twitter this morning, as a little self doubt has been creeping in with me recently. It’s a great opportunity to look back at where I started Onetenzeroseven and more importantly why I started.

I do have a giggle when I look back at my very first product photos from Etsy. This is the first pair of earrings I ever sold. I remember at the time being so frustrated that my business wasn’t growing. Well, it wasn’t even moving! Looking back at my products from an SEO point of view and checking out the quality of my photographs it’s so clear and obvious to me now why my business took so long to become a success. My product titles were all wrong, there were no searchable keywords, my photos weren’t clear and the backgrounds were too distracting. I could write a book on it all.

WhereWeStarted Onetenzeroseven First Sale

WhereWeStarted Onetenzeroseven First Sale

I started selling jewellery because I discovered Etsy and found all the cute and pretty supplies you could buy to make your own stuff. I was working an office job and I badly needed an outlet for my creativity. I started listing what I made back on Etsy because I had too many pieces to keep for myself and I naively thought I could make some spending money for my upcoming holiday. How wrong I was!

WhereWeStarted Onetenzeroseven Original Packaging

At the very beginning I was sending out the few orders I had wrapped ever so carefully in tissue paper, loose in the bottom of a huge padded envelope. I eventually started branding myself with some handmade earring cards – oh you guys, those cards took me so long to make up! I only started using boxes when a lovely customer of mine told me her earrings, while beautiful, arrived in Australia with bent earring posts. Starting and running a business is such a steep learning curve, but you have to start somewhere and boy do you learn and change and develop along the way. Done is better than perfect, as I always say.

Jewellery Packaging, Handmade Jewellery Gift Wrap

I’ve come such a long way since those days, learning to invest more money into my business and how valuable your own time is. There must be so much more I still have to learn, I learn new things every day and it will still never be enough. I will never have learned it all and I don’t want to. I want to learn something new every day.

Those rose earrings pictured above on my old handmade display cards are still one of my most popular products, though they’ve been updated a lot over the years with nickel free, stainless steel earring posts for sensitive ears and replacing those cheap butterfly backs with only the very best earrings backs I could find. I still use some of the very first supplies I ever bought too, with a little extra imagination thrown in making these earrings some of my best sellers as well.

Mint Rose Earrings, Handmade Jewellery

Onetenzeroseven Packaging, Handmade Jewellery Packaging

Of course my business really started to take off when I started designing my own pieces to be made into jewellery instead of just using commercially available supplies. My very first collection was the Tea Lover range, as true to myself as I ever could be (I just love tea so much!), which remains my best selling collection to this day. I just love how much everyone loves a good cup of tea too!

Tea Jewellery, Teapot necklace, Teacup earrings

Tea Jewellery, Teapot necklace, Teacup earrings

Where did you start? Do you run a business or maybe write a blog? Did you go to university to start your career or did you find a really unusual way into your job? I’d love to hear your stories… and congratulations!! We’ve all come so far, we just need a little reminder and a walk down memory lane every now and then.

Loves x xx

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