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Friends Fest – Hanging out at Monica’s Apartment

Friends Fest Comedy Central - Opening Credits

Most of us laugh before the jokes when watching Friends these days, right? I’ve seen it so many times I can recite full scenes, haha! Friends has always been my comfort blanket – when I was younger and woke up in the night scared of the dark I would put Friends on to ease me back to sleep – when I was growing up and life seemed tough I would put Friends on to escape the world for a little while. When my mum started seeing a new boyfriend we used Friends as a way of bonding. It’s more than just a TV show.

Friends Fest Comedy Central - Monica's Apartment

Last year Stu and I bought tickets to go to Friends Fest in Leeds – Comedy Central were recreating the sets at Harewood House for a day of hanging out at Central Perk, eating at the Moondance Diner and having a cocktail at the Chick & Duck bar themed around Chandler and Joey’s apartment.

Friends Fest Comedy Central - Monica's Apartment

The whole day was pure, novelty fun! We were allocated a time slot to explore Monica’s apartment which Friends Fest had built down to a tee and we had fun recreating our favourite scenes (Say goodbye to sore muscles! Goodbye muscles!!) from the series with staff on hand to take as many photos as we wanted – my favourite being Chandler and Joey in the canoe when that guy steals everything they own! The guys taking that picture wondered what we were doing at first and thought we weren’t ready for the photo, but congratulated us on a great idea when they realised, haha.

It was so heart-warming to spend the day with complete strangers that also felt that same sense of love towards the show.

Friends Fest Comedy Central - Chandler & Joey's Apartment

We had dinner at the Moondance Diner, complete with YMCA style dancing and costumes. Unfortunately that’s the only area where the whole thing fell down. The food was dry and overpriced, which is to be expected at these sort of events, but the staff running the diner had got the whole thing completely wrong; The actors were being purposefully rude in an ‘American diner style’ (which confused the hell out of me because I’ve been to American several times and their service is second to none!). However I appreciate a bit of fun so when the waiter was being rude to me as we sat down, I laughed politely.

We really took offence, though, when the waitress literally threw Stu out of his seat while he was eating. I don’t care what skit you’re playing, you don’t ruin someone’s already expensive and poor quality meal. I complained to the staff and we moved seats, only to have them follow us still in character telling us British people are too polite. I was flabberghasted. We tried really, really hard not to let it ruin the day though as the rest of the staff were so fun and helpful.

Friends Fest Comedy Central - Central Perk

Friends Fest Comedy Central - Central Perk

The Central Park set was really cool with a stage where you could get up and sing Smelly Cat and a section behind the bar for a photo opportunity. Of course they had the classic sofa, too!! You weren’t allowed to take drinks inside, but as soon as we said the coffee cup was empty (What’s in the cup, Ross!?) and was just a prop for our photo the guy was totally cool with it! I love that.

We bought a couple of posters from the shop including the one that hangs above the TV in Monica’s apartment, which I thought was a nice touch, but they’re still in the wrapper tucked away with our unpacked boxes. One day our house will be cool!

Friends Fest Comedy Central - Central Perk

Comedy Central have just released details of another run of dates for Friends Fest this year and I highly recommend you go if you love the show. Just maybe don’t eat your food in the diner, eh? Haha!

Loves x xx

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Being a Landlord – Advice To My Future Self

Being A Landlord - Advice For Renting Out Your Home

When we were looking at houses to buy for our first home we had very specific criteria such as wanting a large garden for the dog and lots of space to be able to extend in the future, but I saw some amazing low priced houses sitting on the market for months that just needed a lick of paint and a bit of love to turn them into the perfect home.

Having rented for a lot of years in the surroundings areas to where I live now, I know exactly how lucrative it is to be a landlord based on now knowing actual house prices and mortgage payment rates. The area is rife with students needing somewhere to live during term time and young professionals moving out onto their own for the first time – you can make a killing renting out your house and I think someday I quite fancy being a landlord.

// We were really lucky that we had an amazing landlord for most of the time that we were renting, but we always had problems with letting agents and ultimately we decided to buy a house because we couldn’t stand our letting agents for one second longer. If it was just our landlord I’d probably be living there until I was 50, haha! So my first piece of advice to myself would be to shop around for the best letting agents – not necessarily based on price, but based on level of customer service to myself and my tenants.

// Lots of things got old and worn while we were renting our house and a few things broke over the years. Our landlord was busy raising a family so agreed for us to just replace items as and when and take them with us when we left. It was ideal for us, but when new tenants were looking around the house there was a severe lack of furniture that my landlord would have to shell out for all in one go. So secondly I would make sure I had a home inspection at least once a year to make sure everything was up to scratch in the house.

// Running just one house can bring some huge unexpected bills as we learned just before Christmas when our boiler broke, so owning two houses would be financially quite scary. I would make sure we had proper insurance in place for the very high chance that there was an emergency and something needed replacing. Homelet asked me to share their landlord’s insurance with you guys and they are actually the same company we had our renters insurance with when were renting. The fact that they have specific packages for landlords and renters makes me feel like they understand exactly what you would need if something went wrong. See their policies at

// I think a looked after home encourages the tenants to take more care of the house as if it was their own so I would make sure the place was furnished well and decorated nicely rather than just as cheap as possible. IKEA has some great pieces for a really reasonable price so there’s really no excuse for old stained furniture in a rented home. I would want the house to have personality and feel homely so it always got snapped up really quickly by new tenants.

// Finally and perhaps most importantly I would always, always, always keep an inventory and take photos on move in day – whether I was a landlord or a tenant. This is such an important step when renting, but one that is so often overlooked because people can’t be bothered. Trust me when I say it will bite you in the ass when your tenants come to leave!

I’m even more excited at the idea of being a landlord someday after writing my ideas down instead of having them in my head, haha! I think I might have a little browse on RightMove
Loves x xx

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