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Outfit Post: White Lace Dress Outfit Ideas

Cream Lace Dress Outfit Post UK

OK, so I’m obsessed with white and cream lace dresses! Quiz clothing and I were discussing working together and I got major heart eyes for this cute white lace dress that they sent me to share with you guys. They have loads of great going out dresses, but this one is ideal for dressing up or down. It’s much smarter than the 700 similar dresses in my wardrobe and the fit is gorgeous, it really skims off those curves!

It’s so easy to wear that I’ve already been out in a million variations of this outfit, but this one if perfect for a gig or a bar crawl. I smartened up my old black brogues with some cute turquoise ribbon instead of laces and added some fun patterned fashion tights to really look the part, but it’s so comfortable which is more important than I dare to admit on a night out these days! I am fast approaching 3o…

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The lovely beading detail in the centre of each flower is just gorgeous and I was really surprised by the quality for a dress around the £35 mark. I’ve only recently got into Quiz as a brand when my Mum bought me this gorgeous sleeveless jacket at Christmas, but they’re definitely a hidden gem!

I don’t often go for such a stalk contrast and wear black and white, but I wanted to mix it up this week. Those tights and chunky wooden necklace sit either side of the white lace dress to pull the whole outfit together and I love the little pop of turquoise on my shoes, carried through into my rings. You could dress this up a little further with a smart jacket, but I love my slouchy cardigans – as you may have noticed!

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We’re still exploring around the village where we bought our first house, so stumbling across this gorgeous setting with the swooping willow tree made my weekend! It’s so perfectly me with the beautiful nature mixed in with more urban graffiti under the bridges and tucked away on back walls as you wander down the canal edge. Next weekend I’m planning a full on trek to see what else is peeking out along this hidden patch. Loves x xx

White Lace Dress Outfit Ideas

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Mystic Quartz Ring | Black Willow Jewellery  //  Brogues | Similar*  //  Cardigan | H&M
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Seven Awesome Things About Your Long Distance Bestie

Seven Awesome Things About Your Long Distance Bestie

Whether you made friends at uni or met online, your favourite folks may live on the other side of the country or the world but no distance could ever come between you. Sure it’s hard sometimes, but who wouldn’t want a best friend like yours? Here’s seven awesome things about your long distance bestie… add your own in the comments!!

// When you see each other, it’s like you were never apart. There’s never a lull in conversation and you don’t need to spend time catching up on each other’s lives because you constantly stalk each other on social media.

// Random one line texts and Facebook messages reminding you of a private joke make your whole freaking day. Messages make you burst out laughing at work, but no one could ever explain why they’re so funny outside of the group. Inevitably your colleagues think you’re a massive weirdo.

// You can have the best time chatting online without even leaving the sofa or getting dressed. Your Facebook messages are full of sticker wars and thank God for Skype calls. Ain’t technology grand!?

// Every time you see your long distance bestie you get presents!! Meeting up is always for someone’s birthday or you’re catching up from Christmas. Your friendship just becomes opening presents and eating cake!

// When you do see each other you make so much more of an effort to do something fun. There’s always a new bar or super tasty restaurant to take them to when they visit and you just have to stay up late chatting to make the most of your time together.

// When you hang out, you practically live with each other. You really appreciate the simple things because they are so rare, like watching TV in your jammies together. They also make the best nap partners.

// There are so many more excuses for holidays! Forget the diet, you’re on holiday. Sure you can go on that shopping spree, you’re on holiday. Let’s order another bottle of wine, we’re on holiday!

Got a long distance bestie you don’t see very often? Send them a link to this post and make their day! Loves x xx

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