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Looking Back; Photography Fun

While I was writing my Wonders of 2012 post I realised that I did so many awesome things last year that I never got round to blogging about, so I am going to bring them all back in a new post series, ‘Looking Back’.

My Inner Self

Last Summer I was asked by a friend if I wanted to attend a local photography group who meet regularly and set challenges to improve their photo taking skills. For varying reasons we decided not to attend the group, but instead met up for a coffee and decided to wander into the city and it’s surrounding areas and create our very own photography fun. Here is a selection of the vast number of photos I took that day and, if you like, you can see more over at my Flickr.

Bird’s Yard, Leeds

It was getting quite dark by the time we took out our cameras, so the lighting was quite challenging for me. I did enjoy spending extended amounts of time photographing the same spot – something you don’t generally have the luxury of doing while out with friends for the day or on a date with your significant other. It’s almost like you’re being a massive inconvenience when you stop to get the perfect photo, even if my companion doesn’t get irritated by it, I still feel like it can be a little over indulgent. Being able to spend as much time as you like with the same subject really encourages some interesting ideas and angles.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to go out and indulge myself with my camera since our photo fun day, but now the crazy Christmas rush is over I’m going to make time to enjoy playing around with my camera a lot more.

Will you take the Photo Fun Day challenge? What sort of prompts have you used to improve your photography skills?

Loves x xx

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Good Morning, 2013!

I hope you all saw in the new year with a perfect evening <3 I spent the night with some buddies having a few drinks and dancing around to a B52s cover band. Not too shabby ;) Today I’ve been lazing around in my jimjams with said friends, watching videos on Youtube and DVDs and cuddling with the dog. I like the idea that this is the first year in many to not have started with a huge hangover!

Although not making any actual resolutions this year, I do have big plans for 2013 and so have set myself some goals to work towards.

This year I already have plans to tour some of the UK again to see a favourite musician with my girlies. I’m hoping to visit Jess from Yiskah Knits for the first time and some friends and I are organising to go to The Netherlands for a long overdue catch up. As always, my travel goal is to visit somewhere new in 2013.

I have so many goals for 2013 in regards to my lil’ indie business, some of which I’ll be keeping under wraps… for now ;)

I will be working hard on my blog which is going to be a much bigger part of my overall brand. Writing my Wonders of 2012 post I realised that I did so many things last year that I never got round to blogging about, so I’m going to be introducing a new post series looking back, as well as making sure to schedule more event posts in the future!
I want to get more involved in local events and I want to work on more collaborative projects – give me a shout if you fancy working together! :)

Some personal goals include looking after my health; I’m looking forward to discovering and creating some more easy cook recipes with a healthy twist to share on my blog. I also got a weighted hula-hoop for Christmas. I’m never going to be a major diet sort of person, but this year I need to start looking after myself better.

Learning to drive has become something of a requirement for my little family and I also want to learn more about photography as well as working on my confidence.

It’s great fun taking the first day of the year to encourage you to set goals for the future, but don’t forget that there’s no time like the present to make changes. If you want to make changes in your life, make them every day. And if you fail, so what? Just put the kettle on, have a little sob and try and try again :)

Have you set any resolutions this year? Or are you just working towards some goals like I am?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments so we can encourage each other to achieve them! Loves x xx

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