Lazy January

Things have seemed very quiet in the onetenzeroseven camp this month, like I have been taking January to lazily reflect on the crazy months leading up to Christmas… however I wish that were true ;) Here’s a lil round-up of where I’ve been these past few weeks:

Musical Manchester | Instagram

My girly friends and I took a trip around the UK to see our musician friends, Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. We toured from Glasgow to Bristol to Manchester and to Newcastle. I love getting such a great opportunity to see the country, especially in the snow. More on the music later, for sure.
While I was in Bristol I got to finally meet lovely Jess from Yiskah Knits and she took me to some fantastic places in the city. More on that later, too :)

I’ve been working hard on some new designs for my handmade jewellery which will be arriving in my shops in the next week or so! I’m so excited for you all to see and I’m a little too in love with my own work – well someone has to be ;) I’m finally introducing a hefty collection of necklaces which previously have been a big gaping hole in my offerings so if you don’t have pierced ears now is your chance to join in the oneten fun! :)

Username: onetenzeroseven

I joined Vine! And it’s super fun… I thought it would be all vlogs and people pretty much talking a tweet instead of typing one, but it’s actually really creative and there are some fun little movies being made. It’s also really interesting seeing the bloggers I follow actually move and speak for the first time. I’m also looking forward to being able to post moving images of those moments where a photograph simply won’t do – such as the first snow of the year or a beautiful setting sun. Follow me if you’re on Vine and tell me your usernames in the comments! My username (as always!) is: onetenzeroseven

Image by Maiedae

During January I have been sponsoring the Maiedae blog and I’ve really enjoyed the interactive aspect that comes with sponsoring Maiedae. I was asked for my READ. WANT. LISTEN. picks for the feature and it was super fun filling those out. You can read my answers, amongst others, here.

So lots to blog about in the coming weeks :)) Did you all have a lovely January? What were your plans for this chilly month?

Loves x xx

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