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A Peek Into My Studio…

Come on in! I must be honest, I have many work spaces including the kitchen table, the living room floor, the bed(!) but this is the studio I share with Boyfriend (minus the musical equipment!) where my iMac and sewing machine live and where I keep all my tools, supplies and pretties.

Pretty twines!

I’ve ummed and ahhed over taking photos to show my work space and as much as I wish I could show you something as breathtaking as the shots from A Beautiful Mess or the studios I see Instagrammed by Free People, alas I only have the humble spare room at mine and Boyfriend’s place. It used to be the spare bedroom, but our creative stuff just wouldn’t live in harmony in the box room and we couldn’t split between the two as we can only afford one iMac. Our solution? Stuff the spare bed into the box room and take over the spare room. Haha, so when people come to stay with us they literally open the door onto the bed, but it works. At our age people only need somewhere soft to rest their head after a few too many drinks ;)

So here it is.. I guess I should feel lucky that we have a room at all to store our ‘creative crap’. I know too many creative folk that struggle with space more than we do.

My desk where I pack orders or clear the lot onto the floor so I can sew.

I don’t often do any design work at my desk because it’s too darn small and constrictive, plus even when I work on the iMac I can’t sit upright on a desk chair. I curl and twist and sit on my feet… I just wasn’t built for an office environment. I tend to take my sketchbook down to the sofa or curl up in bed and look at the rooftops from my window or pull it out of my handbag on the train… somewhere filled with a bit more inspiration. I have tonnes of mis-matching boxes like the purple floral one here, on my dressing table and chest of drawers. I have a lot of odds and ends that I fill them with, but mostly I’m just obsessed with decorative boxes!

A very wonky shelving unit for my fabrics, sewing supplies and packaging bits and bobs.

Fabrics! For button earrings or just because they’re pretty :)

This wonky shelf has been in our possession since Boyfriend first moved to Leeds… over four years ago. It’s not very structurally sound to say the least and has been built vertical, horizontal, up and down so many times that I’m surprised the screws still fit ;) It leans to the left in a very worrying way, but until it falls down it still does the job!

Jewellery supplies… beads, pins, rings, chains, tools.

This room has fitted wardrobes that run down the entire length of it. It’s the most ridiculous waste of space I’ve ever seen to be honest, because there’s a chimney breast that sticks out into the room and they’ve even boxed around that creating these useless shallow shelves that nothing fits on.. or at least that’s what we thought for years, until I started gathering way too many jewellery supplies to fit in one box. The little blue pots (from Pound World!) are the perfect size to stack along the tiny shelves. Unfortunately they do topple more than is necessary!
The cupboard door on the inside is plastered with business cards, thank you notes, stickers.. all stuff that I’ve received in parcels from the handmade pieces I’ve bought. It seems such a shame to throw them away as I know how much effort is put into making them. And I love reading them back :))

Stock Storage

I’ve had many stock storage brainwaves in the past, but this one is by far the most genius! I store my jewellery items in a hanging organiser that I bought from eBay. The tiny pockets are the perfect size for a run of earrings and it makes it so much easier for me to a) see what I have in stock and b) find a pair to pop on an earring card for an order. I keep the backs in a pot on my desk so I don’t have to faff taking them on and off to place the pair on the card. As my business grows and grows I am always looking for new ways to streamline my packaging process!

I hope some of my quirks and ideas sparked some ingenious schemes for your own organisation.. feel free to share some of your studio and organisation tips in the comments. Some of them may be reposted (with your permission!) in a compilation post at a later date :))

Loves x xx

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Tea and Poppies and Magpies and New York City and Me.

Welcome back my dears and happy September!
Sorry for the couple of days of being offline, but I am so, ridiculously, excited to reveal my brand new blog design and branding!!!!!

My header (and logo) was designed by the delightful Natasha of The Secret Tea Party.
I stumbled across Natasha’s work on Twitter several weeks ago and fell instantly in love with this illustration of Zooey Deschanel and her pink knees.

Zooey Deschanel by The Secret Tea Party

I had this idea in my head for an illustrated ‘me’ that I wanted to incorporate into a new look for my handmade business as well as a way to make my blog look more professional. However I had no idea beyond this of what on earth I wanted it to do or look like. Natasha had me email some info about myself and send over some photographs and then she illustrated me using aspects of my likes and loves to create something that utterly floored me. I could not love my new brand identity more and I am so inspired for new ventures and new places to take onetenzeroseven.

Natasha, I am still lost for words at what you can create! I had so much fun working with Natasha and she was utterly fabulous and beyond helpful and sweet.

Please take a peek at her gorgeous illustrations over at

So, I’m excited for September. Fall is closing in meaning coats and scarves and hats and gloves and blankets by the fire and hot chocolate treats :)) I’m looking forward to finally feeling like myself again, it’s been a very odd year. But until then I’m pleased to say I’m looking forward to 10 days off and away in Cyprus. I can’t wait to sit by the pool with my music and a sketchbook. I definitely need to be reminded how to relax.

Loves x xx

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