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We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead.

Despite being super busy (as usual!) this weekend, some friends made me take a break and visit the Vintage fair that was in town. Thank God for friends ;)

The setting for the fair was the Town Hall and it was perfectly inspiring.

These lights feature such a beautiful, vintage style that really inspires me to create a piece of jewellery with the same look. I love the delicate curls <3

I bought a beautiful long sleeved, pleated vintage dress. It matches so beautifully with my new felt hat that I received as a gift at Christmas. Maybe I’ll be daring enough to make my first outfit post wearing it. But I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that yet.


We discovered a new cafe in the Corn Exchange at the other end of town. I have to admit, it was the tug of ice cream that brought us to sit down in the plain cream walls of it’s home and a kooky senior man brought us the menu with an animated explanation.
As we glanced around we started to notice the decor. Fun slogans graced the bare walls, here are some of them:

This one in particular made us feel right at home. It’s our motto during ‘tour times’, running on little sleep from hotel bed to hotel bed, hyped up on sugar & each other’s company and the music we love so dearly. My friends might only be living in the city for a few more months, but I hope we can spend many an afternoon here, making memories.


x xx

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“She says when she gets the strength, she’s flying away and never coming back.”

At the weekend boyfriend, doggy and I went for a walk in the park. It was an absolutely beautiful day. As much as I love grey skies and rain, there’s something so special about a bright winter day. When the air is still so crisp and cool to breathe in, but the barren trees sparkle with the sunlight.

I had also forgotten how absolutely stunning the park is. It fills me with some kind of calm, similar to that of being in New York or London. I need to get me some more of that.

This is the street I want to live on. Somehow it seems so tucked away from the busy student area where we currently live. The road is cobbled and the enormous houses built with old stone are set back with beautiful yards and gardens. And it looks over the park, I mean… GUH. How many amazing creations could be dreamed up in this setting?

I’m so intrigued by this slither of a house. It’s only a few streets away from where I live, but there are no others like it amongst our rows and rows of terraced streets. You can see the door and window that belong to next door in the edge of the photo. Usually these houses are back to back, but this one surely must go all the way through? If it ever goes up for sale I’m going to have a nosy round!

x xx

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