2016, The Year of Travel Indeed!

2016, The Year Of Travel

2016 has been a notoriously bad year, but thankfully when I look back it’s turned out to be a pretty good year for me personally.

This year we bought our first house after 9 months of ridiculous paperwork issues and we started renovations to turn it into our dream home, ripped down a wall and decided to turn our living/dining space into a massive American Diner style kitchen with a bar. I know, ambitious much?

2016 was also the year that I became co-captain of Etsy Team Leeds, our local team of Etsy sellers and got involved in organising craft fairs, meetings and events. This year we organised a kick-ass Etsy Made Local Christmas market with 7,000 shoppers through the door over two days.

In business, this year I made a huge investment and I bought my very own laser cutter. I arranged to meet with the guys at the showroom and chose my very first laser baby all by myself! We had the machine installed into our workspace outside and received full training in order to become laser cutting ninjas! It was VERY exciting and I can’t wait to use it to sample up a gazillion new designs in the new year.

I turned 30!!

2016 was the year I went on no less than 10 flights… in fact, most of those were in October alone! At the beginning of the year I declared it ‘The Year of Travel’ and for the most part I felt it had been a massive fail on the travel front, but as October rolled around it all changed – Stu and I jetted off to Cyprus for our late Summer holiday with the family; my dad, step mum, brother and my brother’s girlfriend as we have been holidaying together a lot in recent years and from then on I was invited on my very first press trip to Paris by Doncaster Airport and the following weekend I popped back over to the city of love to attend the European Captain Summit with Etsy and it was the first time I had left the country alone. Last, but by no means least, Stu surprised me for my 30th birthday by finally taking me to see some of Sicily with a trip to Catania (blog posts to follow!). I also visited Cumbria, Cornwall, Scarborough and Northumberland. The Year of Travel indeed!

2016, you weren’t too shabby so 2017 has a lot to live up to! I would, however, appreciate it if you would kill of less inspiring and talented icons next year? K, THXS.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Have a good one, whatever you’re doing, you lovely folks!

Loves x xx

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The Awesome of 2013: A Year in Review

2013 In Review by Onetenzeroseven

JANUARY | I travel the country to see Cory Chisel with my girlfriends, get drunk & lost in a blizzard (don’t try this at home!) and I get to meet long time online buddy, Jess from Jessica Joy.
FEBRUARY | I celebrate my two-year-anniversary of opening my Etsy shop and have 500+ sales in the bag, not to mention over a thousand sales on Not too shabby.
MARCH | Boyfriend and I meet Tony Law. There was a lot of traveling to Newcastle; One brother turned 30 while we got wasted on acid Margheritas and one bestie turned 25 with two cakes as a result of the bestest, poorest planning ever ;)

2013 In Review by Onetenzeroseven
APRIL | My earrings are featured in a magazine. A few of us celebrate ‘Record Store Day’ Weekend by getting up before 5am, queueing, buying records and drinking a ridiculous amount of tea.
MAY | Boyfriend’s brother moves in with us and so commences a lot of drinking White Russians whilst cringing at The Office US.
JUNE | The month of two parties. I meet tonnes of awesome new folk, including Kaz from Sunshine Dayz. After spending New Years Day marathoning Adam Buxton’s Bug on Youtube, we catch a live show at Sheffield’s Crucible.

2013 In Review by Onetenzeroseven

JULY | I see The Boss open the pre-opener opening of the new Leeds Arena. My gorgeous friends get married after many, many years together – they have a sweetie buffet!
AUGUST | I road trip from London to Edinburgh with my besties and spend the week with my musical buddies. We trawl The Fringe Festival for somewhere to eat on the most ridiculously overbooked day of the year. Brendan Benson wears a pin I designed on his guitar strap. Life goal = achieved.
SEPTEMBER | I return from my road trip and decide to make some huge changes in my life. I take up a Photography Course as part of my new ‘getting shit done’ mantra. My Dad takes the family on vacation to Tenerife and I fall in love with the gorgeous mountains.

2013 In Review by Onetenzeroseven
OCTOBER | Lily comes to visit and we have epic amounts of Mexican food (plus some dude has an Indiana Jones tattoo large on his arm.) I make the change so that being a freelance designer is my predominant job. I travel to Truro to see my Tobes in her new habitat and we tourist ourselves round the beauty of Cornwall.
NOVEMBER | Boyfriend and I met Tony Law (again). Instead of gifts for my birthday I made a video plea and we raise £361 in support of homeless doggies. My friends and I cut a night out short in aid of putting on our jammies and watching You’ve Been Framed with a cuppa. Boyfriend and I do a mini tour of Dead Meadow shows. My Nordic Cake Stand DIY is published in a magazine.
DECEMBER | My oldest friend and I have a major nostalgia trip when Boyzone visit the new Leeds Arena. I set up my wares at the Juju Shop’s handmade fair, spend time discussing hopes & dreams and meet tonnes of new buddies who I hope to cook up projects with in the new year… never put it down ;)

I’m so happy I had you guys around for 2013… let’s hope 2014 is going to create just as many super cool memories!

Loves x xx

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