Words, Quotes, Lyrics: #8

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Although I’ve seen it before a long number of years ago, I just spent the past couple of hours bawling my eyes out at Jack. The speech at the end is rather more poignant now, in light of recent events. The more I dig into Robin Williams’ back catalogue, the more I am utterly astounded at his talent.

The utter perfection of the quote above really made me stop and shed a little darkness from my day. Screw it all, all the hate, the worry, the jealousy, the pain – make your life spectacular, as Robin Williams did.

I knocked this up on Photoshop using a¬†promo image from CBS (I don’t own it! This is a freebie for personal use, only.) so I could get it printed and stick it on the wall above my desk. In doing so I thought I may as well share it with you folks so you can make your own motivational art. If you’d like the print-ready PDF, do email me :)

Loves x xx

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Words, Quotes, Lyrics: #6

If you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.Music Quote by Penny Lane, Almost Famous

Ultimate favourite film? Almost Famous. What’s funny about my love for this film is that it kind of became my life. Like William I spent so much time with my favourite musicians that they became my friends, so this quote is quite literal for me. It’s hard when you only see the people you love once a year at best, but I can always visit a part of them by sticking on my headphones.

As an extra bonus this month, you can grab my Words, Quotes, Lyrics edition for your desktop! Just click the laptop image to access the file, then right-click, save as or just drag it into a file on your computer.

Music Desktop Wallpaper, Almost Famous Desktop Wallpaper

Let me know if you like this option and I’ll think about how I can add it more in the future. Desktop downloads are free, but please¬†adhere to my license; You can use it for yourself or shout it from the rooftops, but please tell people where you got it and don’t try to make money from it. Thanks :))

Loves x xx

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