Outfit Post: Dash of Hot Pink

Aztec Print Dress

So let me tell you how I got this outfit for £4…
I bought the crop top from Ladybird Likes’ Instagram sale – it’s in great condition and because it’s second hand it’s a lovely quality piece from River Island for just £4. I tried the dress on in H&M (I had to size up, though) and it was only £12.99, but then I remembered! I had some credit in my H&M online account from sending something back about a year ago and never withdrawing the cash. So instead of buying it there and then I ordered it online using my credit. Free dress! Ish ;) The belt came with a dress I bought a few years ago and the scarf used to be tied to my vintage handbag. Woo, brand new outfit!

Fake Alexander McQueen Skull Pumps

Pattern Clashing Outfit

In Ear Headphones

SS20 very kindly sent me some Skull Candy Headphones to try out. I have some over-ear headphones by Skull Candy which I love, but they’re not always practical. Wearing them whilst trying to sunbathe on a lounger for one is quite a task(!) but also I feel like the sound leaks from them when I have to turn up the volume on a train or airplane to cover background noise. So when I was asked if I wanted to try these in-ear headphones I was understandably intrigued!

When I first put them in I could barely hear my boyfriend talking to me from across the room so I knew immediately they’d solve one of my problems. The sound is great, meaning I can listen to my music at a lower volume and I just love all the cute tiny skulls hidden around the headphones! The flattened cable also wraps around my phone nice and snug when I want to shove them in my bag.

Black White Pink Outfit

Skull Candy Headphones

Unfortunately there just doesn’t seem to be the music to go with the headphones this year. I caught some of Glastonbury on TV at the weekend and it was pretty dull. I guess with festivals they’re often more enjoyable when you’re amongst the atmosphere at the actual event, but I do worry that the festival trend is becoming just that – a trend – and the music is becoming secondary. It seems that a lot of people attend festivals these days for the vibe, not the music. I’m hoping the second half of the year will bring some goodness; I’m going to see Midlake next week so I’m looking forward to that, but a few good albums before the year is out is really needed to keep me sane!

Fun Summer Outfit

Skull Pumps

Headphones for iPhone 5s

Dress | H&M  //  Crop Top | River Island  //  Scarf | Muntjac Vintage  //  Belt | Oasis (with dress)
Skull Pumps | Zara  //  Headphones | c/o SS20

Loves x xx

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The Five WOWs: Arctic Ice

Aztec, Vintage, Ice Outfit

1. Dotty Blouse | French Connection  //  2. Aztec Clutch | Moorea Seal  //  3. Pale Wash Jeans | New Look  //  4. Wooden Necklace | Anna Wiscombe  //  5. Tan Brogues | BaliELF

I saw this clutch over at Moorea Seal and I just fell for it’s kooky colouring. As silly and impractical as it may be, I would love to wear this outfit out in the snow; the pastel colours set against the sharp white canvas. Of course no outfit pick would be complete here on Onetenzeroseven without a tan brogue ;) and these are perfect with their delicate scalloped edging.

Loves x xx

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