On Retirement: Living, Travelling & Working Until I Die


Retirement, A Nice Place To Live

I always tell people, I’m going to work until I die and for some reason it seems to spark a bit of a sore point with pensions being inadequate and self employment not being a great route to go down to support yourself when you’re old and grey.. but I don’t mean it like that! I’m actually so excited at the prospect of never stopping, still exploring the world in my 70s, having a little crash pad in my favourite cities and sharing my designs and makes on whatever crazy platform exists by then. I wonder how technology will move and change by the time I’m at ‘retirement age’?

Hobbie Ideas

I can’t understand people that are of the opinion that they want to retire early to laze around on a bucket load of cash or worse, win the lottery – wouldn’t you be so bored? What’s the point of money if you don’t have the desire to get out and the big plans to spend it?

My Great Aunt & Uncle (sort-of-in-law) are retired and living off an investment they made a few years ago, yet they still nurture an amazing flower and vegetable garden, have an online business selling fabulous handmade cushions and travel all over the world, filling their fridge with a new magnet from each location. Plus they’re always upcycling a new piece of furniture they picked up at the auction. These guys are my total role models for retirement!

Sea, Beach, Coast, Cornwall

Retirement: Living, Travelling

With this in mind, McCarthy & Stone asked me to share the results of their Colour Report with you and I’m just so pleased to see 79% of over 55s said they feel younger than their true age! Hell, my next door neighbour who is in his 90s is up and about before me every morning and I’ve definitely seen him come home super late in a taxi on an evening!

My 92 year old Grandma, who you met in my Seven Ways To Hang Out With Your Grandparents post, insists on still living alone. She still enjoys a good glass (or 5) of wine at our family gatherings and up until very recently was still going out to Spain to see my Uncle on a regular basis.

According to the Colour Report, 83% of retirees spend more time exercising and hanging out outdoors since giving up work. My ex-boss’s mother lives in a retirement home, but he can never get her on the phone – she’s always out with her new friends, enjoying BBQ night or having a gossip in the laundry room. Retirement is an opportunity for a more colourful life, away from a desk or a cubicle.

Retirement, Lets Do This

Thoughts on Staying Active in Retirement

My goals and dreams have always been the same: to run my own business, to make an incredible home and to travel and learn something new as often as humanly possible.. I don’t plan on changing my mind just because I’m a little older and slower and have more grey hairs ;) I definitely look up to people that don’t see age as a restriction as role models for the future.

What do you think you’ll do in retirement?

Loves x xx

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Thoughts on Freelance: Goodness

Inspiring QuotesCourtesy of Promopocket at Etsy

I’ve definitely got the January Blues…

– Towards the end of last year a hugely influential figurehead of my city turned it’s back on independents. Stores are closing, small businesses are devastated. Sure, some are ploughing on and uniting in the evil of the conglomerates, like it’s a noble quest. But why should it be this hard?
– My tax return was compiled by my accountant yesterday and despite it coming to the same total that I calculated it to be myself the week prior, the reality of it really hit me in the gut when it arrived. Questioning everything and finally coming to the ultimate conclusion, what is the point?

Running my own business is really important to me, not because I think it will earn me millions, but because I believe it will give me the freedom to do the right thing; I always want to do the right thing. No cheap production or exploitation. I want to create a inspiring working environment for the staff I will have someday, I want to create jobs, I want to be a huge supporter of many charities, I want to campaign for what I think is right. My dad always says to me, “Soph, you’re not gonna change the world.” And I always respond, “Why not?” Maybe it’s naive, but I want to try my damned hardest at the very least.

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I must say, though, that try as I might to do the right thing, I feel battered and bruised and kicked and spat on. I feel like the ones that do ‘the wrong thing’ seem to hijack to the fast lane. They make the money and they spend it wildly and shockingly. Why do those big fat cat companies get away without paying their taxes and go on to import cheap materials that result in animal cruelty, sell items that mock folk with a serious illness or manufacture in buildings that collapse and kill their badly paid and poorly treated employees. Where’s the support for the good ones? Wheres the damned relief for the struggling independents?

Tonight I feel beaten. I feel like I’m back at square one… again. I feel like I’m running round in endless circles. I feel exhausted and I feel failed by the world and I’m sorry to bring you down with me, but I don’t want to pretend that life is cups of tea and dog walks and pretty clothes all the time. Tonight, I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle.

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So maybe I am naive to think that I can both be good and be successful? That I can use my success to do more good? But tomorrow I am going to get up into another day and I’m going to plough through the barriers and keep working towards my perfect world, keep trying to prove that you can be good and be in business. Tomorrow I’m going to write my resolutions and goals for the year, look forward to the excitement to come. I will ‘change the world’ or I’ll die trying.

Loves x xx

More Thoughts on Freelance?

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