Outfit Post: How To Wear Colour & Brighten Up A Rainy Day

Outfit Post Amsterdam

There is something so calming about wandering the streets and canals in Amsterdam, even in the rain we had on this day. I could have stepped out in my jeans and a jumper, but I decided to brighten up the morning with my amazing raindrop skirt from Lucy Teacup instead and when I saw a little old lady admiring my skirt on the ferry I knew I’d made a good choice! Here’s my tips on how to wear colour and brighten up a rainy day:

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Papel Picado Mexican Bunting Necklace by Onetenzeroseven

I bought this skirt first at our Etsy Made Local fair at Christmas and everything else in the outfit was bought to match. I actually picked up these tights in M&S outlet for £1.75 and they match perfectly! When you’re looking for things to go with a certain piece of clothing you own, try taking the item with you when you go shopping or at least have a photo of it to hand.

These gorgeous clogs are also from Etsy and are by Lotta From Stockholm for a bargainous £56.50! I really struggled to find some shoes to go with this skirt, but I was determined not to wear it with black! I eventually picked out the pink raindrop to go with my pink hair too.

Amsterdam Canals Outfit Post

How to wear colour, colorful outfit ideas

The top was a last minute purchase the day before we went away to Amsterdam – I have a blue top that matches the skirt and tights, but I wanted something more colourful and less matchy. This top is from Wallis, where I wouldn’t normally shop, but the fit is lovely and it was only £16.

It was pure coincidence that the Papel Picado necklace from my new collection picks out most of the colours in this gorgeous skirt, but I love that it reintroduces the colours a little further up to balance the entire outfit and is a perfect example of how to wear colour. Jewellery, scarves and accessories are a great way to pick out colours in your outfit. I added a denim shirt as a cover up too.

Raindrop Skirt by Lucy Teacup

Colourful Outfit Post

Pink Blouse | Wallis  //  Raindrop Skirt | Lucy Teacup  //  Electric Blue Tights | M&S Outlet
Pink Clogs | Lotta from Stockholm  //  Papel Picado Necklace | Onetenzeroseven

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How To Plan Outfits Using Pinterest

How to plan outfits using Pinterest

Possibly my favourite way to use Pinterest is to plan outfits. I don’t usually plan day to day things to wear, but when I’m going away and I need to pack or if I buy something new I head straight to Pinterest to have a peek at how other people have styled something similar. It’s a great way to encourage yourself to try new things that you wouldn’t usually wear.

Here’s how to plan outfits using Pinterest:

// Choose a colour palette – If you don’t know where to start, just try searching “colour palette” or head to my board where I have pinned my favourite colour schemes. Pick out a few colours that catch your eye that you wouldn’t usually put together like grey and orange or red and mint.

// Choose a key piece – If you’ve bought new a new pair of clogs try searching “clogs” or “Swedish Hasbeens” and browse the different outfits people have worn them with. Pin some with skirts and some with jeans to a board for later.

// Start to build your outfit around your key piece – Search for items together like “jeans with clogs” or search for a certain coloured item like “gold skirt”. Pin the most eye catching results to your board for later.

// Take note of styling details – Jeans might be rolled up or shoes might be worn with socks. Notice how jewellery is layered or even how someone has styled their hair to match their outfit. When you re-pin these to your board, use the caption to remind yourself what you liked about that image.

// If you’re getting too many product photos rather than street style images, try tagging “outfit” on the end of your search to pull up more complete looks and outfit posts from bloggers and stylists.

// When you’ve built up a great board with around 20 or 30 pins, pop your laptop or tablet in the middle of your bed and start to pull out the items that you own that go along with the ideas you’ve pinned.

// Make piles by colour and by style. Lay pieces of clothing next to each other to see if colours compliment or clash. Remember that sometimes a good clash can really make a statement.

// Pull out items that you really like together and hang them on a coat hanger over your wardrobe door. Pick out accessories like tights, necklaces and hats too and keep them all together as an outfit. Pop matching shoes on the floor underneath to get the full effect.

// Step back and admire your handiwork. Take a couple of photos on your phone so you can remember your outfit ideas for next time and choose your favourite for your next big day out.

How to plan outfits using Pinterest

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