Where To Stay In London – Clink78 Hostel

Where to stay in London - Clink78 Hostel

Whenever I stay at a Clink hostel, I feel like I’m having a sleepover with friends and I was excited to try out the Clink78 hostel in London after a couple of amazing stays at ClinkNOORD in Amsterdam. Clink Hostels invited me down to London for their huge birthday celebration, a day exploring the hidden gems of King’s Cross and a couple of nights bunking down in one of their mixed dorm rooms. If you’re looking for where to stay in London – Clink78 Hostel is an absolute bargain, starting at £13 per night.

Clerkenwell Magistrates Court

Where to stay in London Kings Cross

Soaked in history, the Clink78 hostel inhabits the former Clerkenwell Magistrates Court, where Charles Dickens is said to have worked as a scribe. The original courthouses are still in tact, but with a modern upgrade – you can now snuggle down and watch TV in one of them or plead guilty while catching up on your emails in the other. Clink have taken the historical foundations and added colour and fun with huge painted quotes running around the room and mesmerising neon lights.

There are a whole bunch of room options available for 1-14 people, including the opportunity to stay in one of the original jail cells that have merely had a colourful upgrade and a few home comforts added. There’s also the Bird’s Nest – a girls only floor with a beautifully painted mural and full length mirrors.

Colourful Hostel in London

We stayed in a 10-bed mixed dorm, one of the less colourful spaces in Clink. Bunk beds are set out side by side to make the most of the space in the room, with privacy screens at either side. The dark brown wall colour wasn’t the most inviting, but the gorgeous wooden floors gave me proper floor envy and the two old style radiators make the whole space feel cosy. There are lockers underneath each bunk, with just enough space to fit a cabin sized bag, and a small personal items locker above the pillow on each bed – don’t forget to bring a padlock or two*! The reading lights are very dim, though, which is good not to wake your sleeping neighbour, but not great for reading under.

Backpacker Hostel London Kings Cross

Breakfast is down in the basement in their huge kitchen and hang out space, with tonnes of chunky wooden benches to spread out on. There is no hot food available like there is at ClinkNOORD, but there’s toast, cereal and fruit with coffee, tea and fruit juice.

During our visit, Clink celebrated 20 years of their Clink261 hostel and 10 years of Clink78 with a huge 90s inspired bash in the basement ClashBar, named after the band who were charged in one of the courtrooms for shooting at pigeons with an air rifle. The space is huge with a fully stocked bar full of spirits, bottled beer and draught. The decor is awesome, with mismatched lamps growing out of the wooden cladded wall that towers over the seating area, so soft you sink into the cushions. The booze is also super cheap!

Clink 78 Hostel Kings Cross

Unusual Places to Stay in London

If you’re looking for where to stay in London that’s budget friendly, Clink78 is a no brainer, especially with the new regeneration of King’s Cross sprouting from the back of the train station. With private rooms starting from £56 a night for two people, a romantic getaway isn’t out of the question either, especially if you like a little fun and colour with your overnight stay.

Clink78 is on King’s Cross Road, a 10 minute walk from King’s Cross Station with beds starting from £13 a night.

Loves x xx

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The Best TV Shows on DVD To Make You Laugh Out Loud

The Best TV Shows on DVD

I don’t need to tell you guys that we’re suffering through some bad times right now and when I went to see Impractical Jokers live earlier this month, something Sal Vulcano said during a joke really stuck with me. He was talking about how at the moment everything is crazy, everyone is lying to each other, no body knows what the truth is and it’s a really bad time, but in these dark times their stupid show provides a bit of light relief and a bit of a laugh for people just for a moment – I love that and completely agree. It’s so important to laugh now, more than ever, just to take a break from the crazy world out there.

HMV asked me to tell you guys about their film & TV offerings to buy on DVD and I’ll be honest, I didn’t know they started selling on their website again after they shut down their online shops a while ago. I popped over to see what they had to offer and I was pleasantly surprised by some of their TV box set prices so here are the best TV shows on DVD to buy for a little pick me up:

As you guys might already know, one of my unlikely heroes is Del Boy from Only Fools & Horses, a happy-go-lucky buffoon who always believed one day he would be a millionaire, no matter what life threw at him. You can get the whole Only Fools & Horses collection of 7 seasons, including all the special episodes, for less than £35! Plus it’s not even available to watch on any of the streaming services, so that’s a great buy! They always repeat the same episodes on TV. In my opinion, this is one of the best TV shows on DVD and even of all time!

While you’re there, check out The Office US box set, another show that’s not available on any of the streaming services – less than £30 for 9 whole seasons! Michael Scott is one of my all time favourite characters, who somehow manages to make me feel sorry for him even through he’s such a cringeworthy jerk! Haha!! We blasted through the first season in one evening when I was bought it for Christmas a couple of years ago, it’s such an easy watch, though it does get more painful as time goes on.

In memory of Gorden Kaye you can soak up some ‘Allo ‘Allo nostalgia for just £14.99 for all 9 seasons. Man, this one takes me back! When I was a kid we would howl with laughter on a Sunday evening after dinner at my Nan’s… God knows how I even understood some of those jokes! We even went to see it live at the theatre as a family – those were good times.

What are your favourite TV series that really make you crack up? I’d love to add some more to my list!

Loves x xx

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