Recipe: Super Easy Healthy Banana Milkshake

Easy Banana Milkshake Recipe

You might have seen my post on my crazy relationship with bananas, but it’s by far one of my favourite flavours. Up until recently I would devour a ready made banana milkshake from the supermarket in no time, but of course they’re hideously unhealthy and full of sugars and preservatives. I put together this healthy banana milkshake recipe earlier in the week when we had one grim looking, over ripe banana left that Boyfriend was going to throw away. Smoothies and milkshakes are a great way to use up slightly bad fruit and vegetables.

Best Banana Milkshake Recipes

You can use 1 or 2 bananas for one serving. The more you use, the thicker the milkshake will be. I’ve tried both and I actually prefer just using 1 banana, but you can chuck in an extra one to get more fruit into your diet.

I used our Cooks Multi Blender, that I introduced to you in my Fresh Fruit Smoothie recipe, for this milkshake. It’s so easy to use and clean!

// Peel the banana(s) and break into smaller pieces with your fingers. Pop into the blender, add 1-2 teaspoons of honey and fill up with milk. Whizz up and it’s done!

Easy Healthy Recipes
Tip: If you find yourself needing to add more milk after you’ve poured the milkshake into your glass, make sure you mix it with a spoon afterwards or the milk might collect in the bottom without mixing with your drink.

The great thing about this recipe is that it gives you a sugary boost, but only uses natural sugars and it actually contains fruit, unlike those ready made supermarket milkshakes!!

Loves x xx

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Recipe: Chocolate Chip Buns with Nutella Buttercream

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Nutella Icing

200g Self Raising Flour
110g Butter or Margarine
140g Caster Sugar
2 Free Range Eggs
Splash of Milk140g Butter or Margarine
280g Icing Sugar
2 Tablespoons of Nutella
Splash of Milk

Makes 15 Buns

Mixing Bowl
Muffin Tray
Paper Cases
Wooden Spoon
(I also beat my eggs in a small mug!)

Bun Recipe

Best Nutella Recipes

Step One
Line a muffin tray with paper cases.
Mix together the butter and caster sugar in a mixing bowl. Beat the eggs and add to the butter and sugar mixture a little bit at a time.

Step Two
Sieve the flour into the bowl. Mix and add a drop or two of milk until you get a thick consistency where the mixture drops off the spoon.
Add chocolate chips and mix in well.

Easy Baking Recipes

Chocolate Chip Cakes

Step Three
Spoon into your muffin cases. Fill them about half way or use a little less to make more cakes for a party or event.
Bake in a fan oven on 180c for 15-18minutes until golden.

Step Four
Meanwhile… sieve the icing sugar into the bowl containing the second lot of butter. Mix to make a creamy consistency.
Add two spoonfuls of Nutella and and mix thoroughly.

Chocolate Chip Buns

Nutella Cupcakes From Blognix

Nutella Icing

Step Five
Once the buns have cooled, spoon your icing generously on top and sprinkle on the leftover chocolate chips.

Step Six
Dig in with a cuppa!

Nutella Buttercream

Loves x xx

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