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Decorate your own workspace

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Working from home is hard; There are tonnes of distractions and it’s way too easy to blur the lines between home life and work time. Having a dedicated workspace really helps keep your worlds separate.
Ideally you’d have the perfect home office shut away in a room of it’s own but if you don’t have the space for that, as most of us don’t, creating a work corner or area is the next best thing.

I’ve had a number of workspaces over the years, from the sofa to the kitchen table to my very first (tiny!) entire home office room. Tesco asked me to share their home office collection with you guys and this great corner desk really inspired me to share my best advice for small workspaces. My current workspace is pretty huge, but over the years I’ve learned some great tips along the way. Don’t be disheartened with the space you have, you will grow and change too and a corner desk is a great piece to take with you.

the perfect home office

// Keep work items in your workspace and home items in your living space. Don’t leave your files laying around and put your laptop away on your desk at the end of the day if it will tempt you to work in front of the TV or while having dinner. I used to spread my work on the floor in the living room and it was a nightmare when my landlord would turn up unexpectedly, not to mention how bad it was for me to work hunched over all the time.

// Buy your own furniture if you can. I can’t tell you how much better things were when I bought my own desk. We lived in a furnished rented home so there was already a desk in the room, but we were lucky enough to be able to store it at my Dad’s house. I bought my own desk with built in storage to help out with clutter to turn my tiny workspace into the perfect home office.

// Bookcases and shelving are your best friends. I splashed out on a full set of bookcases a couple of years ago that cost me a fortune and since then no matter how much stuff I acquire for my business I have never filled them all. Even better if you buy a unit with doors to hide away a million sins. Sure they take up a lot of wall space, but they utilise that all important vertical space that is often wasted so go tall!

// Add some personality! A workspace needs to be inspiring to keep those creative juices flowing so pin up pictures, create a mood board and hang some inspiring quotes. I love gathering cute and fun pieces to create the perfect home office and you can see some of them in my Pinterest Worthy Workspace post. If you can buy your own desk, bookcases and/or shelves you can paint and decorate them too!

Loves x xx

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Styling a Pinterest-Worthy Workspace with Pops of Colour

Best desks with drawers

When we moved into our new house, naturally the first room to be decorated and unpacked was my office/studio! I really wanted a space that felt like a professional studio instead of just a bedroom I was working out of. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest in the months leading up to our move and I had a solid idea of the sort of decor I wanted… clean, fresh white walls with bright pops of colour – a total Pinterest-worthy workspace!

Colourful Desk Accessories

Office furniture with a pop of colour

Best flatpack desks

My desk was a gift from the lovely folks at Kit Out My Office and it’s the perfect addition to my studio with it’s clean, white tabletop and bright green drawers peeking out from underneath. It couldn’t be better if I’d designed it myself, right? It arrived flat packed in 4 packages and was really easy to put together – a bit like an IKEA piece, but some of the work was already done for you! I only needed help to lift the desk top when the drawers were attached because man, that beast was heavy!!

Whats on my desk

creative workspaces

unusual desk accessories

I love my kooky accessories, they make for great Instagram peeks into my life and they’re fun to fiddle with when I’m on the phone or staring blankly with lack of thought or inspiration (not that it happens much of course!! *ahem*…). The travel inspired art was just something I pulled out of a scrapbooking kit and my colour wheel coaster/speaker stand was a bargainous chopping board from Home Bargains of all places. My awesome Big Bruv bought me the desk lamp for Christmas a couple of years ago and it finally has pride of place where it belongs. It didn’t really go in my teeny tiny office at the old house.

KikkiK Planner

A Pinterest Worthy Workspace

I’ve recently become a Kikki.K obsessive and I’m now the proud owner of the large planner in mint. I’ve never been good at using diaries and planners in the past, but actually I’m a convert this time and I take it everywhere with me! The fun pen pots were super cheap from IKEA and I have some bigger storage to match that I will share with you next time.

The drawers in my colour splash desk are really deep, perfect for storing all my photography props in one and my vast postage collection in the other. Seriously… I have a roll of customs labels, earring and necklace packaging, four types of stamps, address labels, a proof of postage pad, fragile & airmail stickers and a bunch of mailing bags all in one drawer. Best.

Desks with generous drawer space

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