The Shins at the Village Underground in London

The Shins at the Village Underground in London

What are you listening to?

The Shins. You know them?


You gotta hear this one song. It’ll change your life. I swear.

– Garden State

Did anyone else fall in love with The Shins after watching Garden State? I was going through a really bad time when it came out and the whole ‘screaming into the abyss’ thing was so relatable, it hurt. I used to listen to The Shins on my long commute into my retail job when all my friends were going away to University and I was just lost and still living at home. Music was my escapism.

The Shins at the Village Underground in London

The Shins at the Village Underground in London

Fast forward to last September and I got a message from a friend that he was in the country playing with The Shins at the Village Underground in London so I jumped on a train to catch up over dinner and he got me tickets for the show. The coolest part, though, was that he also got me a photo pass so I could take in my DSLR!!

I was really nervous taking photos and I did get pulled up by the security staff during the support act for using my camera, but I had a quick word with a big scary dude during the break and showed him my pass and he sort-of apologised. It was really fun taking proper photos at the gig, but really really hard too. When I took a photography course a couple of years ago my tutor was an ex-gig photographer and even he told me how difficult it is – such a fun challenge for my rusty photography skills though!

I don’t think I could do gig photography professionally or be bothered to go through the stress of trying to sell my photos, but I’d love to do it again as a bit of a hobby and get some of my photos printed up for our walls at home. The first and third photos are my favourites!

The Shins at the Village Underground in London

The Shins at the Village Underground in London

The gig was amazing and the Village Underground is one of the coolest gig venues I’ve ever been to with huge tunnels in an old coal store beneath an old railway viaduct in Shoreditch. The venue is topped with a bunch of old London Underground trains that now house a creative community working alongside each other.

The funny thing is listening to The Shins really did change my life – or did my life change while I was listening to The Shins? Either way, it got me through some really dark times! Looking back I don’t even seem like the same person I was then and I love moments like these that really solidify how far you’ve come. I wish I could go back and tell myself, on one of those depressing journeys to work, that future me was actually kind of kick-ass. Hah! Loves x xx

The Shins at the Village Underground in London

The Shins are touring the UK, Europe and the US in March. Head to for ticket info!

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Kopparberg Fruit Lager Live Series with Sofar Sounds

Kopparberg Fruit Lager, Lemon & Lime Fruit Beer

Last month I was invited along to the perfect midweek night out by Kopparberg to try out their new fruit lager and hang out at the lovely Duke Studios while watching some live music. It had been one of those weeks, you know, when you’re exhausted and insanely busy, but on those occasions we try to stop and say, “I want to act like I’m 29, not 69“.

It was a lovely evening. We arrived at Duke Studios to be greeted by an old warehouse building, decked out with cushions and fairy lights and a cute little beer garden out the back. In the corner a makeshift bar built from wooden crates was handing out free samples of Kopparberg Fruit Lager. Yeah, I could get used to doing that a couple of times a month (and I wanted to steal the crates to build our bar at home!).

Sofar Sounds Intimate Gigs In Your Living Room

Della Lupa, Kev Minney, Michael Keithson, Sofar Sounds, Leeds

I hadn’t heard of the musicians that were lined up to play before the show, but each were really great in their own way. Kev Minney, up first, was incredible on the guitar! Della Lupa‘s lyrics were quite unusual so curled up on cushions it was like listening to her telling us a story. My favourite of the night was Michael Keithson, who’s music was very ‘cute’ but he had such a fun on stage presence that really hooked the audience. His song, Life Lessons is a lovely uplifting story to his daughter. Definitely have a listen.

The headline act were announced to some excitement from the crowd, but again they were new to me. Skinny Living, a band from Wakefield, played us out with some very boy-band-esque tracks which were actually really great if you like that sort of thing. They did a fun cover of Dreams by Gabrielle though which I do have a soft spot for!

Kopparberg Fruit Lager Live Series with Sofar Sounds

I love the idea of Sofar Sounds, intimate gigs put on up and down the country and all over the world, often in someone’s living room. They explained to us the reason behind the concept being that they were sick of attending gigs where the crowd just get drunk and talk over the music, which is something I can definitely relate to, so if you have the same feels pop along to your nearest Sofar Sounds gig and see how it compares.

As for the Kopparberg fruit lager, it was really quite nice! It’s 5% which is stronger than a lot of fruit beers I’ve had and it’s not as sickly sweet as cider so that’s definitely a plus. We’ve bought it a couple of times since the gig and I’m looking forward to being able to get it in bars as an alternative to cider. I’m also challenging myself to remember the words that Duke Studios taught us in their beer garden, “do nothing”. I need more of that in my life! Loves x xx

Do Nothing Duke Studios Leeds

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