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Floral, Navy, Red, Lime Outfit Post by onetenzeroseven

Last week Boyfriend had Friday off work, so I worked on some projects in the morning and took the afternoon off to spend some time with him. We went into the city to take his guitar to the repair shop and I just wish I’d never been up those stairs now! The repair man works in a studio several flights above a guitar shop. As we walked up the creaky bare wooden stairs, old posters climbing the walls, the sound of the guitars being played below echoed through the building. I was surprised to walk into the repair shop and be greeted by such a bright, white and airy space. I was immediately in love. It was the perfect size for a design studio and in such a great location in case anyone wanted to pop in and buy some pieces.

Floral, Navy, Red, Lime Outfit Post by onetenzeroseven


Floral, Navy, Red, Lime Outfit Post by onetenzeroseven

I know I am years away for being able to afford the luxury of having my own studio, but I can’t stop thinking about that place and it’s endless closed doors – wondering what, if anything is behind them.
I’m at a crossroads where I’m running out of time to work on all my projects, but I’m so desperate to seek out more. I’m still unable to give up my ‘day job’ and become the full time designer I’ve always dreamed of, but some day soon something is going to have to give. I’m bursting to do more and I’ve completely outgrown my current living/working situation. Where do we go from here when it’s a little too early to take that leap of faith?

Floral, Navy, Red, Lime Outfit Post by onetenzeroseven

Floral Dress | Cath Kidston // Lime Green Cardigan | Aerie at American Eagle // Red Platform Boots | Debenhams // Wishbone Knuckle Ring | Shop Dixi // Chunky Ring | Vintage

Floral, Navy, Red, Lime Outfit Post by onetenzeroseven

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These photos were taken out at my mum’s last week. My childhood home. I don’t spend a lot of time out there, mostly it’s not a conscious choice, but I think deep down I just have too many painful memories of being young. I spent some time walking through the village and seeing how it had changed a little over the years, but mostly stayed exactly the same. The same shops and local businesses were still set up, even the ones that closed down long ago still had their painted signs fading above the rusting doors. It feels like another lifetime ago, like I’m not even that person anymore.

A lot is changing around me in these recent months and I just feel like I’m stuck in the mud. Being 26 is a strange period in your life; Friends are getting married and making babies and that’s not something that is even on my horizon, but I still feel a little left behind. I’ve lived in the same city my whole life and I desperately want to take off and see the world, before I get really stuck here for good.

Kawaii Print Dress | Happie Loves It
Skinny Jeans & Felted Floppy Hat | Marks & Spencers
Tan Calf Boots | H by Hudson at Office
Lime Cardigan | Aerie at American Eagle
Wooden Bangle | onetenzeroseven
Wire wrapped ring | Kica Bijoux
Aztec Button Ring | Claireabellemakes

Photography by Boyfriend

This beautiful wire wrapped ring is handmade by my favourite jewellery artist and a dear friend, Kica Bijoux. Her work is simply breathtaking and browsing through her shop on Etsy is like walking through a wood out in the countryside, watching the birds and feeling the nature all around you. I am in awe at how she creates such a lovely atmosphere.

Loves x xx

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