Filling Your House With Furniture On A Budget

6 great ways of picking up furniture on a budget

Not only did we upsize our home when we bought our first house, but we also moved from a partially furnished rented place to our completely empty new home. It’s safe to say not only were we a bit short of furniture when we eventually moved in, but we were also on a very tight budget after what will probably be the biggest purchase of our lives. Buying a house is expensive, yo. Over the last few months we’ve picked up some amazing tips so here’s my rundown on filling your house with furniture on a budget:

// If you’ve got the space, buy asap! I actually bought my own bed way back when I was living at my parents. My boyfriend was working for a home wares store that was closing down, so we managed to get an amazing discount. I needed a new bed in my room anyway, so I bought it myself and stored it in my old room while I was in rented accommodation. Major thanks to my Mum for her free storage! These crazy sales and discounts might not be available when you move, so if you can store furniture somewhere for free it’s definitely worth it.

// If you’re renting, pay for your own replacements. We had a great relationship with our landlord at our old house so whenever we had any problems they could often be solved with a quick text. Because space was an issue, if anything broke in the house we asked if we could just buy our own replacement with a view to taking it with us when we left. By the time we moved out we had bought our own sofa and dishwasher, so they were great things to have ready for our new place.

// Tell family and friends you’re looking for furniture. We’ve been offered a number of things since we moved in, from friends of friends who are upgrading and want to clear out their old pieces. Keep your eye on Facebook for people offloading tables, chairs and even full suites! Second hand furniture can be a little worse for wear, but makes a great up-cycling project or will be ideal as a stop gap until you can afford something super special.

// Keep an eye out on places like Gumtree, eBay and Freecycle. We arranged to collect an awesome sofa bed from a guy on Freecycle and I have a friend who owns a van so it literally cost us nothing! We popped to the guy’s apartment after work to take away his old sofa so he could have the new one delivered the following morning – I was surprised at how grateful he was to us even though he was giving us a great piece of furniture for free. We were lucky the sofa is in great condition, but if it’s a little grubby you could recover it for a fraction of the price or just layer up some throws and blankets to give it a super easy new look. Now we have seating for friends, too!

// Vintage, old and reclaimed are your friends. Check out your local area for charity shops and reclaimed yards to get some furniture on a budget. We have Poverty Aid in Leeds who often have amazing retro furniture pieces for a fraction of their real value.

// Flat pack furniture, baby! I know it lacks character, but head to your friendly Argos or IKEA and pick up some of their budget pieces. Generally if you opt for the white version of IKEA’s popular pieces they are a lot cheaper than more traditional oak and walnut colours. Whack on a coat of paint or head to Pinterest for some great furniture hacks to get your flat pack pieces looking super suave.

What are your favourite ways to buy furniture on a budget? Do you have a favourite piece that you got for a bargain price? How have you put your own stamp on a classic item? I’d love to see your DIYs and up-cycles! Loves x xx

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Renovation Progress: Hallway & Stairs

Hallway Renovation

A couple of months ago I shared a peek of our new house. We’ve done a few small projects since we moved in while we’re saving up for something a bit more exciting. The first thing we did was give our bedroom and my office a coat of paint over the existing wallpaper (just as a quick fix so we could fully move into those rooms) so really the largest project we’ve tackled so far is the hallway.

As you can see in the photo above, it was pretty grim so we wanted to strip it as soon as possible. The wallpaper was a sort of marble pattern with sky blue and white, but over the years it had gone kind of yellow in patches… and it never matched that crazy patterned carpet. What on earth were they thinking?

Hallway Renovation

We used a basic wallpaper stripper from B&Q and what we came to refer to as a ‘posh wallpaper scraper‘ from Argos, haha. It was a bit pricier than a traditional scraper, but it is razor thin and sharp making it great for scraping off wallpaper and paint… just be careful not to gouge the walls too much like I did!

Stripping the walls was so much harder than I was expecting. I’ve done it before over the years, but a combination of badly plastered walls, textured wallpaper and layers of old paper hidden underneath took us two full days with an army of helpers. We also struggled with the sheer height of the ceiling on the staircase, so we were buddying up holding ladders and trying not to fall off.

Hallway Renovation

Hallway Renovation

We were naively hoping the walls would be in a good condition underneath, which we kind of lucked out on with some of them, but unfortunately the entire landing needs re-plastering. Argh, expense!

So now, finally, we have completely bare walls and ceilings in the hall, up the stairs and along the landing and our next project is pulling up the carpet. We’ve had a peek underneath and we have beautiful wooden stairs hiding under there so we’re excited to expose those bad boys, but aside from that we have no real plans for decor. What to do! I’ve collected together a few ideas over on Pinterest though, that’s the most fun part so far!

How did you decorate your staircase? Please share your pictures and links in the comments below, I really need some inspiration!
Loves x xx


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