#HaveFunBeSilly Colour Lovers February Instagram Challenge

#HaveFunBeSilly Colour Lovers February Instagram Challenge

For me, January was very lacking in motivation and inspiration so I decided to set myself a photo challenge for February to add a little extra fun, silliness and colour into my day and into yours! Then I thought it would be awesome if you guys would do it along with me so we can support and push each other to keep it up! Are you up for it?

I’ve created the #HaveFunBeSilly colour lovers February Instagram challenge with a prompt for each day in February – it’s a short month so you only have to keep it up for 28 days, haha, but of course please feel free to dip in and out as you feel and you can follow along on the #HaveFunBeSilly hashtag to chat to old friends and make new ones and introduce a whole heap of fun and colour to your Instagram feeds.

What do I do?

// Post the graphic to your Instagram to let your friends know you’re taking part in the challenge and encourage them to join you. (‘Right click, save as’ or ‘ctrl click, save image as’ to download the image or press and hold over the image on an iPhone)
// Post a picture each day in February that follows the prompt. It’s all about interpretation so if you feel your photo is inspired by the prompt then it is! Anything goes (except rudeness, racism, pornography and all that bad stuff!).
// Make sure you add the #HaveFunBeSilly hashtag on every photo you share that relates to the challenge so we can all have a peek into your life and become pals!

You can also follow me @onetenzeroseven for a reminder to post every day and if you find yourself stuck for ideas, just pop along to the hashtag and see what other people are posting or comment on my Instagram and I’ll do my best to help you!

I can’t wait to add more colour to February with you guys joining me on the colour lovers February Instagram challenge!
Loves x xx

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Is Happiness a Challenge?

Happiness Quotes

Image by HelloAm

If you’re a regular internet addict you’ll have seen the #100HappyDays tag all over the place. I won’t explain in detail, but 100 Happy Days is a photo challenge to appreciate the happiness in your life – have a peek over here. If you want to follow me taking part, you can find me at Onetenzeroseven.

I’ve seen a lot of people in my circles take up the challenge, like Oh, Leona who is quite excited about it and a couple of people who don’t quite agree with the idea like Polkadot Pink. I really wanted to talk about this idea of happiness, as a longtime sufferer of depression being happy isn’t something that I’ve ever found very easy.

For me it’s so much easier to pick out the bad stuff, to pile up everything that has gone wrong in a day and chalk it up as a bad one. I remember the bad things and don’t often tell stories about the good so when I stumbled across 100 Happy Days I was quite intrigued.

Happiness Quotes

Image by Raw Art Letterpress

At first I would get to the end of my day, just before bed, and realise I hadn’t logged my Happy Day moment, scratching around for something that makes me happy. However three weeks in things have shifted and I now find myself feeling that warmth of happiness rushing in and thinking, Ooh! There’s today’s happy moment. In fact, some days I have more than one and I’m disappointed that I have already posted. Sure some days are mundane, but I think you can always find some happiness within. After all, if days are going by without one moment of happiness, I think you need to be making some serious changes to your life.

For me being happy for 100 days isn’t about have a perfect day, it’s about noticing the little things that make me smile; Instead of piling up moments like missing the bus, getting caught in the rain and snagging your new jumper – it’s remembering a compliment or having your favourite cheese for lunch or cuddling up with your special folk.

Happiness Quote Jewellery

Image by Dear Delilah Handmade

If you’re struggling to find some happy moments in your life, don’t fret – I’ve been there too! Here are some simple things that give me a happy heart by way of a little inspiration for you too:

the smell of a crisp Winter day // a warm fire // noticing something beautiful in your city // a quiet moment in a busy day // your favourite takeaway // a sunset  // not having to set your alarm // clean bedsheets // a heartfelt moment in a movie // your favourite musician coming to town // an afternoon nap // wearing your favourite cardigan // a memorable song on the radio

I definitely recommend the 100 Happy Days challenge, it’s easier than you think! What makes you happy? Do you focus more on the good or the bad?

Loves x xx

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