Renovation Thoughts and the Dangers of DIY

The dangers of DIY and women's thoughts on renovation

We’ve been doing tonnes of work behind the scenes transforming our old lounge/dining area into our dream kitchen diner/bar and I’m almost at a point where I can start sharing progress with you guys. I’ve learned a whole lot, mostly that things take so much longer than you think and that what seems like an easy job is actually bloody hard work!

There’s a lot of everyday sexism in renovation and DIY and even though I make a joke of it, I’m sick of hearing about how much our Dad’s “can teach Stu” about working on the house, despite being clearly more interested in learning stuff than he is.
At the moment Stu is limited somewhat due to some medical issues, but my Dad was adamant that Stu should be climbing some steps to put some filler around the ceiling, despite medically not being allowed, rather than me do it. Even the guys at the local tip treated me like some sort of lesser being when I was taking an old lawn mower to throw in the skip. “Oh I’m sorry love, I though you’d have someone with you.” It’s frustrating for sure!

Slater Gordon asked me to share their infographic about the dangers of DIY with you guys and it’s actually so interesting and useful (so many aren’t!) if you’re a DIYer or about to embark on a project at home, even if it is really simple! Thanks for doing the research for us Slater Gordon, I’ll definitely be more careful with MDF as I had no idea it was a health risk!

Dangers of DIY, what you need to know before renovating

I wasn’t at all surprised to hear that only 5% of women would tackle the electrics or plumbing. There’s not enough encouragement or education for women to learn to do these kind of jobs in their own homes and I think fear of the dangers of DIY has a lot to do with it.

I was shocked that only 4% of people think it’s extremely risky to replace an old shed or garage. When we had our home buyers report done before we bought the house we were told there was a high risk that the garage roof was made of asbestos and you honestly can’t tell by looking at it that it could be incredibly dangerous!

If you are working on a project at home, always make sure you know exactly what materials you are cutting into, what’s behind the walls and turn the electric off before going anywhere near sockets, switches and cables. Wear gloves for almost all jobs and invest in a couple of goggles and face masks to be extra safe – a few times I have been so thankful for my glasses when something has flicked off the wall towards my eye!

The risks of DIY definitely don’t put me off, but as a woman I do wish there were more chances to learn about the art of renovating your home.

Have you got plans to do any projects at home this year? Make sure you double check the dangers of DIY and if you’re unsure, always give it a quick Google!

Loves x xx

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The Ultimate Dream Home: How To Breathe Life Into Your Home

How To Breathe Life Into Your Home

When I think about my ultimate dream home to grow old in I want a place that I can cover in my memories of travelling the world – bringing each destination into my everyday so my heart is always full of all the years gone by.

I was asked by Skipton Properties to share some thoughts on creating an inspiring home interior with you guys and in their video celebrating 30 years of building homes, Caroline (Creative Director) says, “we build the home, you put the life into it” which is such a succinct way of explaining the relationship between the builder and the home owner.

You see a lot of people trying to recreate the show home feel, keeping everything tidied away and as good as new, but the true homely feel comes from a lived in and loved room which is something that Skipton Properties appreciate. Wrinkled bed sheets and sleeping dogs with memories from loved holidays dripping from the walls are the things I love in a home. All too often show homes tend to look lifeless and clinical, but coupled with the inviting warmth of Skipton Properties’ show homes and my thoughts on how to breathe life into your home, you will be living in your dream home sooner than you think.

// Bringing in natural elements is so important as they have such obvious warmth to them. Wooden furniture, fresh plants and flowers. Grow a miniature herb garden on your kitchen windowsill or if you can’t deal with the upkeep of having live plants, try a line of succulents or cacti along your mantelpiece.

// We all need to remember to keep hard copies of our memories in this harsh digital age. Get those Instagrams printed out and hung on the wall like a photo booth strip, fill your bookshelves with photo albums featuring your Facebook photos. Instead of buying generic artwork from the high street, print your own photographs onto canvas from your favourite holiday. These days all you need is a smart phone to take great photos.

// Growing a collection is a great, fun way to breathe life into your home. Whether it’s a tacky magnet from every destination you visit together arranged on your fridge or a line of kooky glass bottles from your favourite independent brewery those little personal touches will make your house feel like your home.

// As well as being a great cost cutting solution, doing your own DIY, painting and decorating will add personality to your house. You could save a fortune by buying a couple of furniture pieces from IKEA or even picking them up second hand on Gumtree and checking out Pinterest for some hack ideas. Make your furniture as unique as you are.

How do you add personality to your home? Do tag me in some photos of your favourite rooms on Instagram; I’d love to see your spaces! Loves x xx


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