Travel Essentials For Your Next City Break

Travel Essentials For Your Next City Break

Cities are my favourite places to see and over the years I’ve learned a lot about what makes a trip easier to manage¬†so you can stuff in as many things to do as possible. Here are some travel essentials for your next city break:

I really need this phone charger on a keyring (1), not just for city travel but for every day of my life, haha! I met up with Daisy for coffee last week and I had to borrow her travel charger so I could get home because I had a mobile train ticket. I wish it was one off…

I love trench coats for a bit of smartness to my travel wardrobe and when I last went to New York I took my tan trench coat which made a perfect outer layer – the only problem being it was annoying to carry around when it was a bit too warm. Aquascutum asked me to tell you guys about their trench coats, which are really nice for sure, but when I saw this pack-away Trench¬†(2) I got major heart eyes – I need this for my travel wardrobe! It folds neatly into it’s own pouch, perfect for stashing in your backpack… and have you seen the colour!? Oh my! They have every colour and style you’ll ever need!

If you’re travelling with hand luggage only, these World’s Lightest cabin sized suitcases (3) are an absolute must!! You can stuff so much in there because the casing is soft and the handles wrap around the outside so as to not take up internal space, plus they only weigh 1.6kg meaning you get the rest of your weight allowance for all your shoes essentials.

Next on my list are these adorable travel wallets (4), hand sewn here in Leeds using bright and fun fabrics exclusively designed by Punto Belle. They can fit up to 4 passports, your travel documents, plus cash and credit cards!

Finally I always like to do my research on a new city before I head over there and need somewhere to collect all my recommended food places and indie shops. These city guide Moleskines (5) are great to house all your destinations, plus they have maps printed inside too. I used my New York one tonnes when I went there and it came in extra handy when I went back so I could remember the locations of all my favourite places.

What are your travel essentials for your next city break?

Loves x xx

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Monthly Travel Subscription Box: Wild Inspirations

Wild Inspiration subscription boxes

In a world of subscription boxes for a million things I have no interest in, I was positively giddy when Wild Inspiration Boxes sent me a sample box to share with you guys. A monthly travel subscription box full of wanderlust and travel inspiration delivered to your door – Now that’s relevant to my interests!

Packed with fun treats for the outdoors lover, this adventure themed box is shaped perfectly to pop through your letterbox eliminating the hassle of having to be home to accept your parcel or worst still, trudge to collect it from the sorting office.

travel subscription box

This month Wild Inspiration Boxes contained a beautiful full colour book from adventurer Alastair Humphreys, currently tucked into my reading pile by my bed! The book is bursting with inspiration to go on your own adventure with tips and ideas to gently nudge you on your way.

There’s also a fun tool kit credit card for almost any eventuality in the wild, plus a tasty snack to boost those energy levels. I was also delighted to be greeted by this adorable giraffe face and an inspiring quote that will be going on the wall above my office.

I just LOVE the format of the pull out map, perfectly formed as you’d expect a map to look but filled with the story of Alastair’s walk across India following the course of a holy river.

gifts for travel lovers

best gifts for travellers

This travel subscription box is the perfect gift for those filled with wanderlust and is finished off with one of the most beautiful and poignant quotes of our time, by David Bowie. Now I’m desperate for an adventure.

Loves x xx

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