The Five WOWs: Best Trends In Mens Fashion 2015

Trends In Mens Fashion For 2015

1. Cheans | Jacamo  //  2. Ghostbusters Tee | 80s Tees  //  3. Knitted Beard | Crochet Laboratory //  4. Temporary Tattoos | Joelles Emporium  //  5. Self Lacing Trainers | Nike

 // Jacamo asked me to tell you guys about their brand new Cheans. Smart in the front for a day at the office, party in the back to go straight out for after work drinks. Halve your wardrobe by buying a pair of these half and half jeans/chinos – They go with everything too!

// Beards have been on trend for the past couple of years, but it must be disheartening for those that can’t grow awesome facial hair. Now all your problems are solved by purchasing a cute knitted beard to keep you warm in the Winter months and ‘cool’ for the rest of the year. (See what I did there?)

// With all the Ghostbusters movies being cast in 2015, chances are you’ve nabbed a part to be in one of the Real Things. However if you’ve somehow managed to miss out on playing one of the 80’s greatest heroes, you can at least dress like them in these awesome Ghostbusters overalls tees. (I’d be Spengler, what about you?)

// ‘Scarred for life’ by all the awful tattoo collections floating around the Buzz Feed ether? No worries, grab a couple of temporary tattoos from the gorgeous designers on Etsy and eliminate any chance of ending up on these lists and being shamed forever. Bonus points – you can change your mind whenever you like which is definitely something I would do!

// The year is finally upon us!! Back To The Future have told that 2015 will bring us hover boards, flying cars and Jaws 19 (they’re running a bit behind!) and it looks like it’s all set to happen by October as Nike announce their self lacing trainers to be available by the end of the year.

Which is your favourite trend in Mens Fashion 2015?
Loves x xx

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I Moustache You A Question

Moustache Gifts

When asked me if I’d review a Christmas gift from their range I couldn’t say no to this kooky moustache door mat, it was made for me. This moustache gift arrived rolled up in a branded cardboard ring, complete with the image of a suave man wearing a top hat to go with his gigantic tash.

Those of you that know I have a handmade jewellery brand, also housed under ‘Onetenzeroseven’, will know that I love moustaches – in fact I was amongst the first to actually sell a Moustache themed product. A couple of years ago just as it was getting to the Movember time of year I decided I wanted to help raise money and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer by giving women a way to support the cause. I started with a small number of moustache earrings and they sold out instantly. I guess in a way the popularity of my moustache range has really gained me the momentum to turn what was my hobby into an actual business.

Moustache Door Mat

I love the mat and I think it’s a really fun way to welcome people into my house as my living room walls are dripping with music posters and shelves are adorned with ornaments from Cthulhu to Slimer. It’s like a teenager’s bedroom on crack (and just as messy on some days!). The mat is very light weight, but looks hard wearing as the coils are a thick plastic like material. Those with dogs will understand ;) We’ve been through quite a number of doormats in the time we’ve had our Frank!

When I have my awesome studio for Onetenzeroseven (big plans for next year!) this Moustache door mat will take pride of place to welcome friends and customers into my crazy emporium!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

I do have an issue with the design, though, because mostly I just want to squash it! The moustache design seems too tall and the ‘humps’ aren’t as defined as I would personally prefer. I might take a pair of scissors to it and give his tash a trim ;)

If you’re still looking for gifts this Christmas, are still taking orders for next day delivery in time for the big day!

Moustache Doormat c/0

Loves x xx

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