Traditional Sicilian Food: Cannoli & Arancini

Cannoli, traditional Sicilian food

On every single corner in Catania there was a cafe serving cannoli to enjoy with a nice strong espresso or a selection of arancini balls to pick up as a put-you-on snack. We were totally taken by this traditional Sicilian food.

OK, so here was our mistake… although they look like light snacks, both of these dishes are actually really filling so when we opted for large sizes and had them both during the same coffee break we were absolutely stuffed! Arancini balls are packed full of rice, oozing with cheese and a ragu sauce (although you can get different fillings, these are the most widely available). I was really unsure of how to eat mine, as you will see in my travel diary video from Sicily next week (subscribe, here!), but in the end I just opted to bite the top off and let the filling flop out. It was messy, but soooo delicious. I could really eat one right now.

Arancini, traditional Sicilian food

I’m definitely more of a savoury person, but Stu loves his puddings so we decided to order a traditional cannolo with a ricotta filling and sprinkles of pistachio on the sides and a chocolate cannolo and share them. Both flavours were super rich, though the chocolate one more so and even Stu thought it was a bit too much for him. The tubes are a hard pastry shell and the cream is thick and gloopy inside. I thought these were spot on to enjoy with a good strong glug of Italian espresso though, the perfect opposite to their creamy sweet nature. I would definitely choose these again, but maybe go for the smaller size next time.

Prestipino is a cafe spilling out onto Piazza Duomo in Catania, serving traditional Sicilian food with tables right in the square. It was a fun place to sit and enjoy a break from exploring with the crazy sirens of their fire trucks whizzing by and the sun disappearing behind the incredible architecture. Man, I want to go back!!

Loves x xx


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Eating Out in Manchester: Walrus Cocktail Lounge

Cool Bars in Manchester

I’m a long time fan of Walrus in Manchester. My first time was a ‘stumble into the nearest bar’ kind of visit to have a good old laugh with some friends before a gig. We ordered a cocktail and then one turned into several and we were having so much fun we ended up missing half of the gig.

Since then Walrus has kind of been a Manchester staple and as I often find myself eating out in Manchester, earlier this year we tried their food for the first time. Service and value are great and their pizzas are so tasty that I took Boyfriend there when we went to see Kula Shaker last month.

Walrus Manchester

Eating out in Manchester

Booze wise I think the Walrus bar is kind of limited. For a bar in the Norther Quarter they don’t seem to have many cool beers and you certainly won’t find a fruit beer in sight, gutting I know! For soft drinks they also don’t have San Pellegrino and when I asked they didn’t seem forth coming with any great alternatives – however the wine is good and of course get indulging in those distracting cocktails too!

Food wise, oof it’s a good ‘un! They have a good menu selection featuring mix and match sliders, which I am yet to try but sound ace, and some super tasty sounding pizza. Their pizzas are huge! Great for sharing of course and full disclosure I totally ate a whole one to myself. The base is also quite unusual – very thin and crispy and just really delicious, so eat up your crusts.

Depending how hungry you are do be warned! They have pizza boxes for you to take your leftovers home for later of course, but if you’re heading out for a night on the town that might not be ideal. However they are equally as good cold as a perfect post drinking snack!

Best Pizza in Manchester

The decor in Walrus is just really fun, I mean they have a giant walrus on the wall, what. The copper tables and lampshades, coupled with the succulent table decor is a must for any hipster types… perfect for instagramming.

In conclusion, Walrus is definitely a favourite for eating out in Manchester.

Walrus Manchester Food Review

Loves x xx

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