The Ultimate Dream Home: How To Breathe Life Into Your Home

How To Breathe Life Into Your Home

When I think about my ultimate dream home to grow old in I want a place that I can cover in my memories of travelling the world – bringing each destination into my everyday so my heart is always full of all the years gone by.

I was asked by Skipton Properties to share some thoughts on creating an inspiring home interior with you guys and in their video celebrating 30 years of building homes, Caroline (Creative Director) says, “we build the home, you put the life into it” which is such a succinct way of explaining the relationship between the builder and the home owner.

You see a lot of people trying to recreate the show home feel, keeping everything tidied away and as good as new, but the true homely feel comes from a lived in and loved room which is something that Skipton Properties appreciate. Wrinkled bed sheets and sleeping dogs with memories from loved holidays dripping from the walls are the things I love in a home. All too often show homes tend to look lifeless and clinical, but coupled with the inviting warmth of Skipton Properties’ show homes and my thoughts on how to breathe life into your home, you will be living in your dream home sooner than you think.

// Bringing in natural elements is so important as they have such obvious warmth to them. Wooden furniture, fresh plants and flowers. Grow a miniature herb garden on your kitchen windowsill or if you can’t deal with the upkeep of having live plants, try a line of succulents or cacti along your mantelpiece.

// We all need to remember to keep hard copies of our memories in this harsh digital age. Get those Instagrams printed out and hung on the wall like a photo booth strip, fill your bookshelves with photo albums featuring your Facebook photos. Instead of buying generic artwork from the high street, print your own photographs onto canvas from your favourite holiday. These days all you need is a smart phone to take great photos.

// Growing a collection is a great, fun way to breathe life into your home. Whether it’s a tacky magnet from every destination you visit together arranged on your fridge or a line of kooky glass bottles from your favourite independent brewery those little personal touches will make your house feel like your home.

// As well as being a great cost cutting solution, doing your own DIY, painting and decorating will add personality to your house. You could save a fortune by buying a couple of furniture pieces from IKEA or even picking them up second hand on Gumtree and checking out Pinterest for some hack ideas. Make your furniture as unique as you are.

How do you add personality to your home? Do tag me in some photos of your favourite rooms on Instagram; I’d love to see your spaces! Loves x xx


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Finding Your Dream Home + FREE download

Finding Your Dream Home Checklist

I gotta admit, house hunting wasn’t as fun as I was expecting it to be. Sure the first open house we went to was exciting and looking around people’s houses is the ideal past time for a nosy person, but after the eighth browse online looking for somewhere you can afford, in the area you want to live in, you’re gonna wish you never started searching! Trying to organise viewings is stressful, especially if you’re a couple and you both have different commitments and estate agents really aren’t as friendly and helpful as you’d expect. The whole process was one of my least favourite times, ever, which really took me by surprise!

However we developed an excellent method of ranking the houses we’d seen online and in person and in the end we bought the house with the biggest overall score, so it definitely worked for us… and I’m going to let you in on the secret so finding your dream home will be easier too!

House buying advice

We sat down together and decided what we wanted from a dream home – the ultimate essentials. What can you absolutely not live without? Maybe you need a garden for your excitable dog or maybe you just can’t live in a 1-bed anymore and need an extra room for storage. Some of our ultimate dream home essentials were:

// A garage. We need storage and lots of it.
// Great natural light. For photo taking, obviously!
// Close proximity to a Post Office or post box. #SmallBizLife!
// Plenty of worktop space in the kitchen. To encourage us to actually cook.

Once you have a great list, here’s the fun part – what are your preferred qualities in a home? Be totally crazy and indulgent with this one if you want. Some of our preferences were:

// Bags of character. Nothing specific, but maybe a nice fireplace or exposed brick walls
// A hallway. Our old house opened up straight into the living room.
// Close to shops, pubs, civilisation. We don’t have a car.
// An attic room. I told you this could be entirely indulgent!

For our Essentials we assigned a three tiered system of 30, 20 or 10 points depending on how the house rated in that category. Maybe there was a really tiny fitted kitchen, but loads of space to build worktops into? If the house didn’t have a garage at all, it scored a big fat 0. Similarly we scored our Preferences, but as these weren’t as important we switched up the system to score just 15, 10 or 5 points. We also scored on price and location too as those things are super important.

Dream Home Checklist

We made a note of whether we’d viewed the house or not, because places look entirely different in real life than they do on fancy estate agent photographs, so what we scored based on online listings was subject to change. That said, we decided on a threshold number and if a house we’d seen online didn’t shape up we eliminated it from our viewings list. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to see them all.

Because I love you, I’ve made you a super fun and pretty checklist all of your own! Download and print out one for each house on your viewing list and keep them all together in a folder with all your important paperwork. If you’re really fancy you could take a polaroid at each house viewing too!


Once you’ve scored each section, pop your total in the circle at the bottom so you can see at a glance which houses you liked best. Sometimes you have to go with your heart and sometimes you have to go with your head, but using this scoring system saved us a massive headache when choosing a house to put an offer in on. It’s scary to pay so much money for something you probably know very little about, so at least this way you know you can justify your choices and hopefully that sick to your stomach feeling will lessen just a little. Good luck finding your dream home!!

Want to see sneak peeks of our renovation journey? Follow along on Instagram as we shop for fun home wares and pick out paint samples!
Loves x xx

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