Words, Quotes, Lyrics: #5

Supernatural Quote, Crowley Just Wants To Be Loved

It’s about time that I injected some of my innate fangirl into my blog, after all my very first blog was on Livejournal and I used to dissect TV shows until the early hours of the morning! I’ve been catching up with Supernatural lately and we just finished Season 8. Crowley is a character I can’t quite pinpoint my feelings towards and just as I’m decided that I can’t stand the dude, he does something totally awesome like this. Mark Sheppard is an excellent actor.

Loves x xx

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Words, Quotes, Lyrics; #1

“It feels like drowning, Jack. Like drowning so slowly you don’t even realise what’s happening. Each time I’m scared that I might not be able to hang on.”
~ “You can hang on to me.”

Without a Trace (TV Series)

My first quote is from the CBS network show, Without a Trace. A show that has been very special to me over the years and even to this day when I watch it I just bawl like a baby. It’s kind of therapeutic. I love this quote because it’s so achingly dark. It just rips your insides to shreds because I can totally relate to that feeling of drowning on dry land.

Back when I was a total fangirl and I used to spend all my waking hours on the IMDB forums and Livejournal I used to keep a list of amazing quotes from television shows… then that list expanded to include awesome things that people had said and eventually encompassed the stunning lyrics from my favourite songs.
I’d really like to build up a collection of amazing words like that again, as reading them I apply them to my life and it reminds me to take a step back and think about what’s happening in my life, to think about how those things make me feel. I think it’s important to remember to feel sometimes, instead of just playing your life as if it’s background noise.

Loves x xx

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