A Day Trip to Paris for Busy Yorkshire Folk with Doncaster Sheffield Airport

A Day Trip To Paris From Doncaster Sheffield Airport

In this day and age of building businesses, working multiple jobs, cut backs and overtime, sometimes you just can’t spare a full weekend break so last month Doncaster Sheffield airport sent me out and challenged me to spend 24 hours in Paris. 24 hours?! How much can you possibly pack into a day trip to Paris for busy Yorkshire folk? More than you’d think, actually. Even looking back I can’t believe we did all of this and still got a full night’s sleep under the Parisian stars!

From Doncaster Sheffield Airport to Paris Charles De Gaulle, prices start from £29.99 per person, one way, which is cheaper than most train tickets to London from up North. We were treated to a stay in the premium lounge, which is not something I would have ever considered before trying. When we arrived at the lounge we were treated to a freshly cooked bacon sandwich and a lovely fresh coffee. There were piles of pastries, biscuits, juices and a even a full bar (although 6am was a little too early, even for me). When it was ready to board our flight, the gentleman looking after us pointed us in the right direction of the gate and as we got back onto the airport floor we all agreed that we had practically forgotten we were even in an airport. If you’re a nervous flyer, the premium lounge is a great option for keeping calm prior to flying as it’s almost just like chilling out in someone’s living room.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport Premier Lounge

When we arrived we headed straight to the river Seine to get the first view of incredible Parisian architecture and a peek at the Notre Dame. Every street has at least one amazing flower shop bursting with fresh florals!

Lunch is Paris is such a treat with their huge selection of crepes, both savoury and sweet. I had an amazing four cheese crepe at a little cafe called Evangelista on a quiet street behind the Musee D’orsay with layers of fluffy cloud-like pancake, crumbly goats cheese and blue cheeses. We also ordered fries for the table and oh my God, they don’t call them French Fries for nothing. So tasty without extra salt or any condiments and I’m a huge condiment advocate usually!

Best Rooftop Views Of Paris - Musee D'Orsay

Things To Do in Paris - Musee D'Orsay

After lunch we popped into the Musee D’Orsay for a good peruse of some Degas, Monet and Van Gogh. I always find it incredible to be in the same space as some original artwork from legendary artists I studied at college. We even got an incredible view across Paris from the top floor. After the museum, Daisy and I went for a walk along the river to take some photos. It’s a gorgeous part of Paris, with the Tuileries gardens just across the river.

We saw a whole heap of the city in just two hours with a guided tour from Fat Tire Paris. Now I’m not usually into guided tours and as bad as it is to admit – I find history really boring. However our tour guide, Victor, was so full of personality and jokes for each incredible landmark that he took us to see that it was really fun to learn about the city. He threw in some silly questions to get everyone involved and told us about the ‘party king’ of France with a bit of acting thrown in. Oh and you got to zip around the streets of Paris on your very own segway… that might have added to the fun a little!

Best Guided Tours Of Paris - Segway Tour with Fat Tire Paris

When we found out we were doing a segway tour we were all really anxious. Really anxious. Literally within 5 minutes of practising we were all zooming up and down the courtyard eager to set off around the city. The faster you travel, the smoother the ride is over little bumps and cracks in the road and even rolling over pavements is barely noticeable. It’s so easy to slow down and turning corners is so much fun, by the time the tour was over we were all desperate to do another segway tour in the next city we visited.

After we built up our appetites on the segways we wandered back along past the sparkling Eiffel Tower (which lights up after nightfall and sparkles every hour) and enjoyed a dinner at La Terrasse, serving everything from Steak Tartar to a traditional Croque Monsieur, which I opted for with another taste of those amazing fries. When in Paris…

24 Hours In Paris, How To Spend a Day in Paris

Things To Do in Paris, A Day Trip to Paris

If you’re staying overnight try a luxury night at the 123 Sebastopol in the Republique area. With their cool themed rooms (mine had traffic light lights and an amazing film strip headboard) and exceptional service it is well worth splashing out for one special night. If you’ve got some time to kill they even have a fully functional cinema in the basement for your own private viewing. In the morning we enjoyed a lavish breakfast of traditional French pastries and got our final fill of Parisian cheese and coffee before heading back to the airport.

Where to stay in Paris - 123 Sebastapol
Don’t forget to pick up your stash of macarons from the beautiful Laduree in the terminal to enjoy back home in Yorkshire with a good cup of tea. The flight time was just over an hour and we were back home after an amazing whirlwind day. Sure I could have slept for a week after all that excitement, but I was refreshed and inspired ready to get stuck back into work!

A day trip to Paris would be an amazing alternative to a spa day with your best friend or to celebrate a special anniversary and it would make such a great idea for a hen do that it almost makes me want to get married. So my only question now is… where else can I pop to from Doncaster Sheffield airport for a super quick refreshing break? Amsterdam? ;) Loves x xx

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Travel: Exploring Mount Teide, Tenerife

Exploring Mount Teide, Tenerife

As you fly into Tenerife you can see the incredible Mount Teide, towering above the clouds. You guys know I’m not a huge beachy holiday kinda gal, so hiring a car and heading up to see the volcano itself was definitely on the top of my list when we visited Tenerife last October.

The roads up to Teide are seriously windy, but unusually I didn’t get car sick. Maybe it was the excitement or maybe it was the sheer amount of views outside the car, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Forests, mountains, complete and utter nothing but rock. It was a roller coaster of scenery!

The Lower Station at Teide has a small car park with incredible views of the surrounding areas. It’s difficult to actually see Mount Teide from this point, but you can hop on the cable car to get up to The Upper Station located at 3,555 m altitude. Tickets are available from The Lower Station priced at €27, which at the time we felt was pretty pricey, but actually the whole experience was really worth the money. We headed up about 3pm and were greeted by a pretty small queue to get up in the cable car. It was October though, so it wasn’t peak season and it’s recommended to get there early to avoid disappointment.

You get about an hour to explore Mount Teide from The Upper Station, which is pretty much just a box with a couple of toilets and cable cars sailing in and out. The rest of station is out in the open air, with a rocky path around the volcano and incredible views out across the skies. Make sure you dress appropriately, take some layers and have some solid footwear. I just wore some cute trainer/pumps, but try to avoid flip flops which my brother found out the hard way! The air is pretty thin up there too, so you might feel a bit lightheaded. Just take it easy and don’t wander too far if you’re feeling sketchy, there are plenty of people around up there so there’s nothing to worry about.

You can hike up to the crater of Mount Teide from The Upper Station, which is Spain’s highest peak. You need to obtain a permit to do so, which is free of charge. All information on routes and permits is available from the Teide experience website.

Loves x xx

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