Cocktail Hour: Obsessed with Espresso Martini

how to make an espresso martini

Is there anything better than an Espresso Martini to kick off a party? It’s the perfect balance of caffeine to give you a good kick for the rest of the evening, silky smooth coffee and a nice slug of booze to relax those hard working shoulders. Don’t drink too many, mind, or you might find yourself wide awake at 3am wondering if you should get up and clear away from the night before… ahem, not speaking from experience or anything!

I first got into Espresso Martinis when my big brother decided to whip one up when we were all hanging out round at his place; Dan prepares an espresso from his Nespresso machine and adds it to a cocktail shaker with ice, vodka and Kahlua coffee liqueur. It’s a pretty epic Espresso Martini and I love his little addition of coffee beans sprinkled onto the foam topped glass. We also tried some Nespresso pods with a hint of caramel, which took away some of the bitterness making it easier to drink.

The best espresso martini

Every time I see an Espresso Martini on the menu now I just have to give it a try and send a picture to Dan for comparison. Last time we were up in Carlisle I tested out a version with amaretto in from Open Mind, which was pretty solid, but still not quite up to the standards of my brother’s concoction (don’t tell him that, it will go straight to his head!). I did, however, try a cracking version at Gorilla in Manchester that has Cafe Patron in the mix and that one shot straight to the top of my list. I bloody love a Cafe Patron (coffee flavoured tequila) on the rocks and I have been urging Dan to throw it into his Espresso Martini. Turns out I was right on that one… little sisters are always right, though! Cheers! x xx

Cocktail Hour: Espresso Martini

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Recipe: Amaretto, Three Ways

Amaretto Cocktails, Disaronno

As far as I’m concerned there are two types of amaretto – a sweet, almond flavoured, Italian silky liqueur (aren’t all the best things Italian?). There is low priced, ‘supermarket’ amaretto as I like to think of it; No matter the brand, I would lump all amarettos under £9 into this category. Then there is Disaronno, which actually hasn’t marketed itself as an ‘amaretto’ for a long time. I don’t know whether I am a snob or just cheap(!) but I hardly ever use Disaronno with a mixer as the taste is far superior without any additions. If I want to mix a cocktail I often buy in a more low-cost brand.

Amaretto Cocktails, Disaronno

Amaretto & Cranberry // Amaretto, fresh cranberry juice, slice of lime & ice in a tall glass. This highball is perfect for drinking all night, especially if you want to avoid gassy mixers like cola.

Amaretto Cocktails, Disaronno

Ama-nana-ade // Amaretto, banana liqueur, lemonade & ice in a tall glass, or a chunky wine glass like mine above. Slice of lime and cocktail umbrella optional ;) Perfect for a few hours of cocktail drinking with your besties.

Amaretto Cocktails, Disaronno

Amaretto on the Rocks // Amaretto with ice in a lowball glass or fancy tumbler like mine above (by Baci Milano). Perfect after a nice Italian meal, instead of coffee.

Personally my go-to drink is Amaretto on the Rocks. It’s crisp, refreshing and there are no additional mixers to bloat me or play havoc with my poor stomach. Plus when you don’t order a mixer you can cut out all those extra calories from fruit juice or fizzy drinks and it’s often just slightly cheaper too! Be warned, though, this drink slides down very easy especially when your friends are opting for long drinks. Don’t make the mistake of ordering a double every time or you may be quite ill.

Amaretto Cocktails, Disaronno

Cheers! x xx

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