Cocktail Hour: Obsessed with Espresso Martini

how to make an espresso martini

Is there anything better than an Espresso Martini to kick off a party? It’s the perfect balance of caffeine to give you a good kick for the rest of the evening, silky smooth coffee and a nice slug of booze to relax those hard working shoulders. Don’t drink too many, mind, or you might find yourself wide awake at 3am wondering if you should get up and clear away from the night before… ahem, not speaking from experience or anything!

I first got into Espresso Martinis when my big brother decided to whip one up when we were all hanging out round at his place; Dan prepares an espresso from his Nespresso machine and adds it to a cocktail shaker with ice, vodka and Kahlua coffee liqueur. It’s a pretty epic¬†Espresso Martini and I love his little addition of coffee beans sprinkled onto the foam topped glass. We also tried some Nespresso pods with a hint of caramel, which took away some of the bitterness making it easier to drink.

The best espresso martini

Every time I see an Espresso Martini on the menu now I just have to give it a try and send a picture to Dan for comparison. Last time we were up in Carlisle I tested out a version with amaretto in from Open Mind, which was pretty solid, but still not quite up to the standards of my brother’s concoction (don’t tell him that, it will go straight to his head!). I did, however, try a cracking version at Gorilla in Manchester that has Cafe Patron in the mix and that one shot straight to the top of my list. I bloody love a Cafe Patron (coffee flavoured tequila) on the rocks and I have been urging Dan to throw it into his Espresso Martini. Turns out I was right on that one… little sisters are always right, though! Cheers! x xx

Cocktail Hour: Espresso Martini

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Recipe: Peppermint White Russian

Peppermint White Russian

As festive drinks go I’m not into mulled wine.. I really only associate Baileys with Christmas because my Nan used to let us have a tiiiiny glass when we were kids on Christmas Day. So when I saw this Peppermint White Russian cocktail on A Beautiful Mess last year I was inspired to create my own version as I’m a huge fan of a good old White Russian.

These were a huge hit with my family last Christmas Eve and Boxing Day so I thought I’d share the recipe with you guys and maybe inspire your own versions to pass on the Festive White Russian tradition!

Festive Drinks

Creme de Menthe
Candy Canes (optional)

I picked up all the ingredients easily at Morrisons.

Add equal parts Creme de Menthe, Vodka and Kahlua to a tall glass. A single measure is a good amount and not too strong. Top up with milk to taste and decorate with a festive candy cane (I bought mine online at eBay, but a lot of shops have them at this time of year, including pound shops). Serve and enjoy!

Christmas Cocktails

Drink responsibly this Christmas!! Have a great one :))

Loves x xx

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